25 Mar 2011

Two VM Staffers Become First-Time Authors

March 25, 2011VM News

Twitter and Local Search Books

We here at Vertical Measures are tickled pink to announce the launch of our new bookstore section of our website. Along with the implementation of the new store, two of our expert staffers are celebrating the launch of their long awaited ebooks. Local Search Marketing for Businesses: A How-to-Guide, written by Sarah Moraes, and Twitter for Business: A How-to-Guide, written by Abby Gilmore were released midday yesterday. Both of these fresh books belong to the Vertical Measures How-To Guide Series that will amount to a total of 5 instructive guides specifically designed for the business owner or website and marketing manager who is ready to take their businesses to the next level through social media and online marketing. The books highlight important areas within the fields that are the recommended focal points when developing comprehensive campaigns as well as point out pitfalls to avoid.

Local Search Marketing for Businesses: A How-to-Guide targets businesses that want to optimize their website for local search, structure their content to optimize search engine listings in their favor, and create localized content. The guide was written by Sarah Moraes, content marketing strategist, who specializes in coordinating educational events for training businesses in developing content marketing strategies. “It is my hope that Local Search Marketing: A How to Guide provides businesses with a roadmap to implement a local search campaign that drives traffic not only to their website, but directly to their place of business,” she said. “As the guide was developed with a variety of skill sets in mind, it is written in such a way that businesses will be able to easily apply the information given to their current search engine optimization and marketing plans.”

The second of the guides, Twitter for Business: A How-to Guide covers how businesses can get started using Twitter. This guide addresses the basics along with SEO integration and how the results of such a campaign can be measured. Abby Gilmore, content strategist for Vertical Measures, wrote this guide, combining her journalism and public relations background with the Internet marketing experience that has enabled her to create content strategies for content and social media distribution. When asked what inspired her to write such a work she responded, “I am passionate about the power of social media marketing and the opportunities that Twitter as a platform presents for business owners specifically, but I know that researching and finding accurate information for planning a Twitter marketing campaign can be difficult to find and collect.”

Both guides are available for digital download in our bookstore now for only $9.99. If you or someone you know can benefit from the internet marketing insights of seasoned professional, such as Sarah and Abby send them this way! We sincerely hope that you and your friends enjoy them!

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  • Fazal Mayar Mar 27, 2011

    thanks for this post erin. i will be looking for the guide on twitter as i do need tips to get the most out of twitter.