09 Dec 2015

Vertical Measures Cheered for Beards in Movember

December 09, 2015VM News

November 1st marked the kickoff of Movember 2015. This is the perennial event also known as “No Shave November,” a movement that encourages men to grow out their beards and mustaches in order to put men’s health in the spotlight for 30 days. For the first time ever, Vertical Measures got in on the fun (and the fuzz.)

Our team members participated, competed and contributed generously toward the Movember Foundation, in support of awareness for prostate and testicular cancer and overall physical wellness. The entire team got pumped up for a lineup of events all month, with ways for everyone to get involved, not just those with follically-gifted faces.

Eight team members shaved their faces clean on November 1 and snapped “Before” selfies as bald-faced proof of their starting points. Then they grew and groomed their mustaches and/or “Novembeards” for the full 30 days of Movember. Check out the gallery of their bi-weekly selfies and see who ended up looking like Michael Cera, and who reached near-Grizzly Adams status.

Enjoy the GIFfy gallery of our Movember participants, from left to right and top to bottom: Billy Adams, Brad Kuenn, Chris Bird, Dan Dannenberg, Stephen Roda, William Campbell, Zack Jones, Art Enke

The rest of our team cheered the participants on and contributed generously toward Vertical Measures’ goal of raising $250 for the Movember Foundation. If the goal was met, Vertical Measures incredibly considerate founders, Arnie and Andi Kuenn, pledged to match up to $250 AND our president, Chris Bird, would have to sing karaoke in the office on November 30. The more cash employees donated, the more chances they would have to help choose the song Chris Bird will have to sing, so we expected some diabolical entries.
Will Ferrell - I've been called the songbird of my generation. Via WiffleGif

On November 30, our Movember participants spun the Wheel of Mustaches to determine how they would be forced to shave their beards into dastardly designs. Each was devastated to learn they’d have to come in to work on December 1st sporting “The Thundercat,” “The Franz Josef,” “The Rap Industry Standard,” “The Tiger” or “The Line.”

Because our team not only reached our contribution goal of $250 but far exceeded it, this meant that Arnie and Andi matched the original goal and the final donation leveled up to whopping $678.75 (an odd number, thanks to a contribution of $5 Canadian that’s worth $3.75 USD.)

It was time for Chris Bird to face his karaoke fate. He drew three song options from the box of a couple dozen entries, each paid for by our generous team members’ contributions to the cause. Bird, a die-hard University of Arizona Wildcat (#beard-down?), was relieved to learn he wouldn’t have to sing the ASU Fight Song, but would have to instead sing “RESPECT,” “Genie in a Bottle” or the Canadian National Anthem. He was going to need to pull off a Divas Live-level performance to do justice to Miss Aretha, Miss Aguilera (or maybe Her Royal Majesty QEII.)

Canadian meme - Now You're Just a Country That I Used to Own

The Results

Best Movembeard: Billy Adams

Billy Adams - Best Movembeard

Wheel of Mustaches Winner: Brad Kuenn

Brad Kuenn - Wheel of Mustaches Winner

VM’s Own Song Bird

On Friday afternoon, December 4th, after 10 minutes of stalling warming up the crowd, Chris finally busted out his glass of scotch, sunglasses and N*SYNC mic, and finally got his Aretha on. He may have hated every minute of it, but the rest of the Vertical Measures team has to give serious “propers” to a leader who would do something scary and embarrassing to encourage his colleagues to open their wallets for a worthy cause like men’s health.

Chris Bird likes to karaoke

Who loves to karaoke? This guy.

Vertical Measures’ team and leadership generously gives back to the community on a near-monthly basis, which reflects three of our eight core values: #dotherightthing, #inittogether and #helpful. Make your own contribution to the Movember Foundation here. If you’d like to join Vertical Measures’ team and be part of a fantastic work culture, check out our current career openings.