01 Mar 2013

Content Marketing Workshop Event Recap

March 01, 2013VM News

Content Marketing Workshop

We are finally coming down from the excitement of our first locally based workshop of 2013 and wanted to share a little recap. Last Friday, the Vertical Measures team produced a content marketing workshop for 90 business owners, marketing executives, and other business professionals from around the Phoenix, Arizona area. Arnie Kuenn, our very own President here at VM, educated the room on the importance of content marketing in today’s business world and how to implement these new strategies in order to gain business online.

content-marketing-workshopAs I sat in the back of the room, I saw people fervidly scribbling down notes, statistics, and strategies. What was so exciting about this event was the fact that for a lot of attendees, the phrase “content marketing” was relatively or completely new to them. They were used to implementing traditional marketing methods in the past, and only now have been considering moving their efforts to the digital realm. The content of the workshop was more than illuminating for many as it gave attendees a beginning framework to launch their own ideas from. Topics ranged across the board, but here are some questions that were answered:

  • What is content marketing? What is content marketing NOT?
  • How do search engines work and how can I use this knowledge to my advantage?
  • How can you implement content marketing strategies now?
  • What are some tools to brainstorm content ideas?
  • How do I distribute and promote my content?
  • When all is said and done, how do I know if my online efforts were successful?

Content Marketing Workshop photos
Even though I have a good grasp of the concept by handling much of Vertical Measures’ internal content marketing efforts, I walked away with a new-found sense of clarity on how content marketing can be the most important marketing tool out there to gain business organically on the web, and for business development in general. Also, I found that marketing executives, business owners, and other professionals out there are hungry for tools and tactics they can use to reach their current audience and gain new customers.

We asked some of our attendees what were some of the best lessons they took away from the workshop and included a few of their testimonials below, including a video interview.

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