30 Jul 2010

A Day in the Life of a Vertical Measures Intern

July 30, 2010VM News

Guest Post By: Michael Schmitz

The job description of too many internships these days consists of nothing more than coffee-making and paper-filing. But after spending the last month and a half immersed in the Vertical Measures internship program it became clear that Vertical Measures is not one of those companies that summons its interns to busy work.

This Internet marketing company offers hands on experience while learning from SEO and Internet marketing specialists about link building. Here are some of the activities and tasks I regularly performed during my time in the Vertical Measures internship program and some tips I learned along the way:

  1. Commenting: The majority of my curriculum in the program has revolved around link building through commenting. Throughout my month and a half I learned the ins and outs of including a link in a comment and quickly found out what to look for when searching for a page to comment on. Relevancy of the post and engaging in conversation make for a good comment.  Using a variety of search quarries can lead you to some worthwhile sites to comment on.
  2. Directories:  Locating directories to get listed on has been another focus of the internship program.  The goal is to get your client listed in a relevant directory using the requested keyword as the anchor text.
  3. Editing Articles/Blog Posts: A large chunk of my time with the internship program is spent editing articles and blog posts for both grammar and keyword usage. Through this I’ve learned a lot about article marketing services, like how many times you should use a keyword throughout an article and where you should use it.

Commenting, directories and editing takes up the majority of the internship curriculum, but there are also a few other things that I’ve done during my time as a Vertical Measures intern.

  1. Webinars: A huge part of what I’ve learned during the program comes from the Vertical Measures webinars. As an intern I’ve watched and listened to six webinars, each with a different theme and focus. The Vertical Measures employees put together a Power Point, walked through different lessons and techniques and answered questions at the end. The content has covered almost everything from commenting techniques to different Google search queries. One of the most important takeaways from the webinars has been learning competitive analysis. I’ve learned how to analyze a competitor and their links, seeing where they come from, the keywords they’ve hit, the anchor text they’ve used, etc.
  2. Vertical Measures Project: I worked on this project during which our team created a link building infographic comparing different types of links to different types of beer.
  3. SEO Content Writing: After I learned how to write content for SEO purposes, I was able to re-write a client’s website content. I added meta descriptions for the pages, title tags and improved keyword placement throughout the content.
  4. Keyword Reviews:  Another task I completed briefly during my internship was reviewing websites for their keyword usage. I answered questions like: Did they use the keyword too many times, or not enough? Are their heading tags visible and in the right places, among other questions.

While so many internships offer nothing more than another thing to throw on the resume, the Vertical Measures internship offers legitimate knowledge obtained through hands on work and webinars.