28 Mar 2012

Will Google Plus Play a Big Role in Future Search Results? [VIDEO]

March 28, 2012Social Media

Q & A Video

Arnie Kuenn answers: “Will Google Plus Play a Big Role in Future Search Results?”

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Hello there! Today’s question is: “Will Google Plus Play a Big Role in Future Search Results?”

Hello. Today’s question is do you think Google+ will play a big role in future search results? I thought I might get through an entire week without being asked about Google+. It’s certainly the hot topic right now. The short answer is yes. In fact, if you’re signed in to your Google+ account, if you’re signed in to Google, your search results are already being impacted. People in your circles, based on what they’re voting up, what’s being voted up by yourself and your close friends and so on and so forth, that’s appearing right in your search results. You can see that. You can see the little Google +1.

It’s widely believed that even the 1+, in essence acting as votes for that particular web page, that piece of content, can also have an impact on where it ranks even for people that aren’t signed in to Google. Also I do think and I do recommend that no matter how much you engage in Google+ you need to get active. You need to certainly build out your business pages, your personal profile. You need to link them together.

I do think Google+ in the long run is going to become a pretty serious player. Obviously, Facebook right now has a giant, giant head start. There’s way more engagement on Facebook. There’s way more registered users than compared to Google+. But Google’s got plans to integrate lots of their different pieces and their different properties all through Google+. It’s going to start happening, and they’re certainly big enough and they have the might and the willpower and the staying power that Google+ is going to be a factor. It’s going to affect social and your search results.

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  • Erwan @SEO Mar 29, 2012

    Even If we consider the poor actual engagement of users on Google+ (3mn a month) and the previous fail of google in the “social industry”, they are actually doing a no turning back strategy, pushing and integrating the + everywhere on the web while in the meantime they fight against over-optimization :)

    We saw last year with Google news, or Google Shopping that when Google decide to push a new service the best way is to make an algorithm change and kill the competition that way.
    The Google Search Plus Your World Thing and the upcoming Google+ comments are here for that.

    I can see how they are planning to reach /oblige the business side of the social to engage on Google+ but what about the “normal” users. The features like Google+ hangouts are def fun and nice to use, but how will they make this people go way from their confort zone: facebook.
    Pinterest understood the whole thing by using a niche into the social market, but google+ for the normal user is just a mix between facebook and Twitter and a bit of Skype.

    So yes thanks to the SEO side they will engage companies and pros, but no they won’t reach the basic users if they remain with this form. At the end of the day they launched something with no specific target and now try to find their own way to impose their service.

    Thanks for the video.

    A French SEO