14 Apr 2009

Weirdest Uses For Twitter

April 14, 2009Social Media

Collaborative post, authors: Kaila S. and Eli

"Twitter Pack", Flickr's Creative Commons, user "carrotcreative"Now that you’ve been introduced to Twitter with one of our previous posts, it’s time to show you how Twitter can literally save your life, enhance your quality of life (well through laughter anyways), or otherwise help you with everyday living.

From notifying you when you need to water your plants, to helping you quit smoking, get notified of a telecom outage, Twitter can basically be integrated into just about anyone’s everyday life. Confess your sins, read a book, broadcast a religious service to the world, and get notified when you are being robbed. The following list is just a start to the never-ending uses of Twitter!
LA Fires: get notified of fires in your area by following the Los Angeles Fire Department on Twitter. Know your neighbor’s place is en fuego without having to look out the window.
Get sprung from the slammer: James Karl Buck, a UC Berkeley journalism student, helped get himself out of jail with the help of Twitter.
Listen to the radio: Check out Twadio, promising a new track every 15 minutes or every 2 hours.
Plan Dinner: Not sure what’s for dinner? Message @Twecipe your ingredients and they will send you back a tasty recipe in a direct message (DM).
Find a job: Twitter can help in a couple ways: network and gain contacts in your industry, and ask for helpful advice to getting a new job. Or the easier way: search for a job using Twitter.
Multiple Gadgets: Gizmag featured six Twitter inventions including- tweet-a-watt updating your power usage wirelessly to your followers, popcorn robot that even delivers it while it’s still hot, and help with your laundry: know when a cycle is done or when a washer is free at a local facility or dormitory.
Know where not to go…: Near the toilets in Kinnernet? Follow @twitshitters to be notified which stalls to stay clear from!
With so many uses for Twitter one could overdo their participation very easily! Don’t get dumped like John Mayer did due to his over tweeting, or get in trouble for trying to organize an anti-communist revolution. And it should go without saying that you shouldn’t tweet while on a jury, right? I still think NBA players, like Villanueva, should be able to tweet at games, too bad the NBA doesn’t support my reasoning on that one. At least my boss does, I’m on Twitter— only because he isn’t ready to give this Twitterphene a Twitter intervention (new word: Intertwitervention….say that three times fast!).


  • linkbuildr Apr 14, 2009

    Hey VM!

    While I was researching some link building opportunities and SEO benefits with Twitter I stumbled onto something in my research. I was mainly hunting for Twitter profiles that were ranking well in Google, but I found out how escort agencies were using Twitter. A lot of their profiles were being updated with new "dates", and they were ranking well for their city….strange to say the least.

  • Brian Humphrey Apr 14, 2009

    Thanks for including the Los Angeles Fire Department in your article. We're proud to leverage internet tools like Twitter to help people lead safer, healthier and more productive lives.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  • Kaila S. Apr 15, 2009

    Brian, so glad to mention such an innovative department! Hopefully my local Phoenix FD will follow your lead.

  • Steve | Resveratrol Diet Apr 15, 2009

    This supports the theory that twitter is becoming more of a protocol than a tool. You can also envision a Jetson's world where everything is controlled by tweets. I could sit back in my chair and tweet my microwave to pop popcorn. Then I could tweet to the TV to change the channel or play a Tivo show. I'm telling you, Twitter is here to stay and 3rd party Twitter apps are going to be all over the place.

  • new bank account Apr 30, 2009

    Twitter really stand out this year not just for social networking but also for anything goes around on the individual who have the twitter account…More and more people are not just having for fun of it but it is a utility for staying connected in real-time, yes I agree that can really save your because of its quick responses.

  • Second Chance Checking Oct 22, 2009

    Twitter has really taken over the world in so many ways. Everyone uses it for whatever they can get their hands on. People will sit there and tell us our whole days worth of events…it can be excessive but it just goes to show you how well it has come up.

  • Benm Nov 02, 2009

    Nice post! Its true that twitter has been all over the place and is used in more than one way. But still the unwanted and irritating tweeples is something that no body likes.

  • Helen Toskana Feb 16, 2010

    I’ve been using Twitter as a normal and usual user and had never heard of such ways as I’ve just red.Sounds really interesting!