20 Mar 2009

Tweet Tweet…Hear That?

March 20, 2009Social Media

Heard all the buzz about Twitter lately? Here’s a very funny and somewhat informative video we found from our lovely friends at Current on their SuperNews! Channel.
Still not convinced that you need to join the Twittersphere and tweet tweet your life away? This article should help you out as well. Not only can you use Twitter to chat with friends, you can use it to network, find a job, tell others about your new blog post, stay in touch with your kids (and their friends), hook it up to your security alarm system, and be the first to know about a wide array of topics, direct from the source. Users today want to connect in real-time with friends, family, brands, and business connections. Twitter is the source for real-time information.
The folks at JetBlue (@Jetblue) and Whole Foods Market (@wholefoods) are all apart of the Twittersphere. Follow them and get updates on store openings, discounted flights, flight delays, etc. Even Shaq and Martha Stewart are on Twitter. Ever want to meet Shaq? Learn how two Twitter followers hooked up with him at a local 5 & Diner here in Phoenix. You could soon chat with your favorite celebrity, author, restaurant, or your favorite Vertical Measures employee.
Not convinced yet? Well then I guess there is just no hope for you, you probably just joined Facebook yesterday anyways. See you on Twitter in a few years!


  • social network Mar 21, 2009

    "twittering is randomly bragging about your unexceptional life's " haha , awesome video,

  • peterK Mar 22, 2009

    Just love this video. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Florida Web Design Mar 22, 2009

    yes , twitter had made life of link builders like me very easy we can easily discuss about swapping links out there

  • Scentsy Mar 24, 2009

    That is hilarious. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around Twitter.

  • Flash Creators Mar 24, 2009

    I am a twitter user and it feels great to be a part of twitter!!

  • Dale Kelley Mar 26, 2009

    LOL "Like these twits".


  • Scentsy Feb 18, 2010

    I’ve been avoiding Twitter (cuz I know I’ll get addicted) for a long time… but I think I’m finally going to give in & try it out!