03 Mar 2010

Targeted Social Media for SEO Webinar

March 03, 2010Social Media

webinar photoDid you know that Vertical Measures holds monthly webinars? If you’re an avid reader of our blog then you’ve likely read a post or two leading up to our awesome SEO webinars. Well the next one, hosted by myself and Elise Redlin-Cook, will focus on targeted social media campaigns and how they can work for SEO. This might seem like a vague concept so let me break it down a bit without giving too much away (so you actually register and attend). :)

Elise and I will discuss how to develop a social media strategy that is beneficial to SEO and a few tools to help you implement your strategy. There are several methodologies on integrating SEO into your social media campaigns, but we’ll show you the way it’s worked for us. Here at Vertical Measures we’re primarily a link building company, so of course we’ll be talking a bit about link building and social media as well. Maybe it’ll be new information to you, maybe not….you’ll just have to attend and see. 

Register for our March 11th (11:30 A.M. EST) "Targeted Social Media Campaigns that Work for SEO" webinar today!


  • Rachel Levy Mar 04, 2010

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    -Rachel Levy- (@WebinarListings)

  • Kaila S. Mar 05, 2010

    Thanks Rachel, I’ll take a look. Saw your tweet, just haven’t had a chance to fill out the info on your new site.