15 Mar 2010

Targeted Social Media Campaigns that Work for SEO

March 15, 2010Social Media


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Recently Elise and I presented on a webinar that discussed how you can utilize targeted social media campaigns that work best for search engine optimization. Many of the questions we received after the webinar were about our resources, infographics, tools, and also specific niche social media sites. What better way to answer all those questions, and more, than with a blog post? 

If you want to watch the webinar in its entirety find it on our free SEO webinars page. We really wanted to focus on explaining how social media and SEO can combine to create a great targeted campaign. A targeted social media campaign is one in which a small number of social media platforms are utilized to market to your prospective consumer. Finding the right niche social media platform, weighing your options, strategizing, and planning out your messaging is important to the success of your targeted social media campaign.  
twitter iconUnless you know your strategy you can’t get started finding the right site for your social media campaign. Below are a few social media experts/blogs we follow and subscribe to that help us here at Vertical Measures in determining our client’s social media strategy:
Integrating SEO
Next up, one must integrate SEO into your social media campaign. An infographic from DailyBloggr.com, "The CMO’s Guide to The Social Media Landscape", provides you with a great guide to picking and choosing targeted social media sites applicable to your needs. You’ll notice this handy infographic also shows you the benefits each site provides for SEO.
Niche Social Media Sites
Before assuming the right social media site for your needs you should examine niche sites as well as popular platforms like Twitter and Facebook. In this infographic from Pingdom.com, "Age Distribution on Social Network Sites", you’re able to narrow down your options, but twitter icondon’t be surprised if the best social media site for your needs is actually a niche site. Below I’ve listed a few resources to find niche sites that you should look at during your research, but remember new sites are starting up on a regular basis: stay on top of the trends.
"233 Social Networking Sites for Marketing Your Blog"– Great list of sites that you can use for more than just marketing your blog.
"16 Niche Healthcare Social Networks"– If your niche is in the medical industry check out this blog post, but also check out iCareCafe.com and TigWeb.org.
"Top 100 Niche Social Media Sites"– Listed by industry, a very comprehensive list.
Measuring Results
What can you measure in social media? You can use tools like SocialMention.com to check brand mentions, but don’t forget about measuring traffic with click through rates (use short URLs like bit.ly), and Google Analytics. Did you know that you can use Google Analytics for Facebook Pages? "Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages" will show you how. Use this in addition to Facebook’s internal insights.
Optimizing Social Media Pages
There are many ways you can perform SMO: using keywords whenever possible, building up the PR of your profile sites: point some links back to your profile pages through badges on your site, comments on blogs, and directories as applicable, in addition to importing your blog, and filling out everything on your profile page.
Additional Tools
Hootsuite– Management tool for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, WordPress and Foursquare. Great iPhone app, and very user friendly.
Tweetdeck– Management tool for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites. Not as user friendly as Hootsuite, but an option.
Smart Brief– Receive e-mail newsletters 5 days per week in the industry of your choice. Smart Brief will put together a list of blog posts, news articles, and videos from the day (or week) in your industry.
Buzzom.com– Twitter management tool to help you easily search your followers, get rid of followers who aren’t following you back, and much more.
Feel free to add to the comments below any questions or resources you have regarding targeted social media campaigns.




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