20 May 2011

Sharing the Knowledge

May 20, 2011Social Media

Sharing The Knowledge
Last week our local CBS affiliate called Vertical Measures looking for someone to talk about social media and privacy concerns. Several of us provide professional Social Media Marketing Services as part of our job, and ALL of us are active in and knowledgeable about social media, so we used the following system to determine the best person to do the interview…

Who is here and willing to go on camera?
Create your own venn diagram at Crappy Graphs (yes, that’s the real name).

Hey, that’s me!
I thought they would ask specifically about Facebook privacy, so I brushed up on that while I waited for them to arrive.

Elizabeth Erwin and her cameraman Sergio arrived and promptly turned Arnie’s office into a makeshift studio.

She was connecting our talk to a story about Social Media stalking. We talked for about 15 minutes about Social Media, privacy, location apps, common sense, hacking, and best practices (I’ll spare you the whole conversation).

Then they packed up their stuff and left. On her way out she said she wasn’t sure when it would air, but that she’d let us know.

One week later, I got the tweet that we’d be on that evening’s broadcast. So I set my DVR and tuned in.

They don’t provide embed code, but you can click to their site to watch the story on Social Media Stalking.

It’s a good little piece and in my 25 seconds of screen time I don’t think I embarrassed myself or Vertical Measures. As I said, there was a lot of stuff we talked about that didn’t make the cut. This has inspired me to do a training/walkthrough video on Facebook privacy settings, so watch for that in our blog next month.

All in all, it was a fun experience and I was proud to represent Vertical Measures as people who know their way around Social Media.

Regarding the first part of the news story… I’ve had some cool random meetings with people who recognized me from online activity, but nothing I would classify as “stalking” – do any of you have any fun/weird/bizarre stories?


  • Tyler Hurst May 23, 2011

    I do this all the time and love when it happens. Why else would I be so active on social media, especially location stuff, if I didn’t want to meet new people?

  • KrysVS May 23, 2011

    I’m the same way. I don’t know if it’s an issue of people not knowing the functionality of what they’re using, or (more likely) not thinking through the *implications* of how they are sharing.
    She has 3000 followers. This can’t be the first time she’s had an In Real Life encounter with a follower…