27 Mar 2013

Pinterest for Men [VIDEO]

Pinterest for Men

Who says Pinterest is just for women? Well, a lot of people do in fact, seeing as 82% of Pinterest users are women. But we got to thinking; what about that other 18%? With over 40 million users (and that number growing every day), to disregard the male population isn’t helping brands hoping to tap into the large (and often under-targeted) demographic on one of the top referrer sites on the internet. With that conclusion made, now what? Men interact differently with Pinterest than women do, so if you are a brand active on Pinterest, there are many things to consider. In order to become an authority and resource on Pinterest for men, we’ve created this video to help you on your journey.


Pinterest for Men: The answers men want about Pinterest.

If Pinterest is 82% female, is it still great for men?

Pinterest can be a great resource for male-focused topics like: DIY projects, health, and technology and gadgets. It is also great for creating an authoritative voice in your industry.

What should I be pinning to reach a male audience?

Pinterest is a top referrer for retail. Men are also more likely to pin products they plan to buy. Example: If you sell cares your male audience may like these boards: interior and exterior features, different cars, color schemes, and modifications.

To get a better idea of what to pin, look at your competitors and ask these questions: How do they present themselves? How are their boards named and themed? What do they pin and how regularly? Who follows them? Who are they following?

How do I keep up with the high volume of female Pinterest users?

Don’t flood Pinterest to be effective. Focus on quality and consistency. Maintain an average of 20-30 boards, pinning 2-3 images per board each week. Then split your boards in half weekly for pinning. Also, be rewarding with consistent information for men.

What can I do to get followers and stand out on Pinterest?

Post unique content that links back to you because unique content will increase your followers. Maybe show a photo on repairing a car part, explaining an exercise routine, or depicting a handy tip.

Use the power of Pinterest to draw out the male consumer. Increase your brand’s presence through the content you pin!


  • Vincent Mar 27, 2013

    400 million members ? are you sure of that… it cannot be possible I think. Where does this number come from ?

  • Kris K. Mar 29, 2013

    @Vincent, 40 millions only not 400 million but still its a huge numbers and increasing every single day!