29 Jul 2010

My Round-Up of the Online Marketing Summit Tour Texas

Cowboy with Fire Texas DrawingThis past week, I once again had the pleasure of presenting at the Online Marketing Summit, this time in Texas! It was hot, but what I really wasn’t prepared for was the intense humidity. Despite the sweltering heat, I had a great time presenting and travelling across Texas. Along the way, I met a lot of new and interesting people and am eager to share my experiences from the three OMS events. And of course, my artistic staff at Vertical Measures created yet another mural in my office while I was away, depicting what they imagined my adventures were like in Texas. I must admit, it’s pretty accurate.

I travelled from Dallas to Austin and then to Houston to speak about Social Media for SEO and Link Building.  In this presentation, I called attention to the significance of optimizing social media profiles for search, as real-time search includes social media results.  Also, as social media links and social news links can influence your rankings, you need to be conscious of your social media presence.  But the most essential point I tried to make was for website owners to understand that once you manage a website, you are considered a publisher.  As a result, you must publish quality content that will attract and maintain visitors.  With valuable content and happy visitors, links and search ranking will follow.

DSC_2601During my three stops, I met a variety of people from a broad range of professions. I met some great folks in the marketing industry including: Patrick Prestriedge from Imaginuity, a Dallas website and search engine optimization company, Troy Scheer from Trance Marketing Group, an integrated inbound marketing company, and Teresa Russel from Door 24 Marketing , a realtor marketing company.  Also, I met some individuals in the small business industry including: Erin Verbeck from The Joy of Marketing, a small business marketing company, and A.J. Mistretta of Biztools.com, a company that provides small businesses with advice and resources.

Additionally, I met Sarah Eshelman of LifeSize Communications , Jeff Austin of Jeff Austin Creative, a freelance graphic design and print design artist, and Reiner Musier from Allegro Development, an energy trading and risk management software company.  Also, I had the pleasure of meeting Angelica Young of Direct Energy, an electricity and gas company, as well as Jason H. Smith from Spiceworks, a free help desk software company, and David Lineman of Click True, a pay-per-click company specializing in click fraud auditing and block.

Overall, my trip to Texas proved worthwhile. I always enjoy presenting and sharing my expertise and experiences with others interested in Internet marketing and to top it all off, I even had time to stop in San Antonio for some leisure time with my wife Andi before I flew back to Phoenix.  All in all, a very successful and enjoyable trip!