27 Oct 2011

Monsters and Villains on Social Media

Monsters and Villains on Social Media

Ever wonder where Dracula checks in on Foursquare or what ghosts pin on Pinterest? We decided to turn the tables and stalk our favorite monsters and villains on their social media channels of choice and what we found, well it made sense.

Zombies on Yelp

Freddy and Jason on Facebook

Godzilla on Google Maps

Dracula on Foursquare

Ghost on Pinterest

Predator Facebook Like

Werewolf on Twitter

Witch Recipe Blog

How do you think these frightful horrors would share on social media? Tell us below!

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  • Ebo Ndut Nov 02, 2011

    Can you find any similarity between the two? Luke, Obi-Wan, and the others’ last stand against the Empire and the hunt for Dracula led by Dr. Van Helsing? How are Obi-Wan and Luke similar to Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker? How are Darth Vader and the Count alike? Just something random that popped into my head. No connection with schoolwork whatsoever. So don’t worry. This is not homework help. Just some random thought floating around in my head.