30 Nov 2009

LinkedIn: Hopping on the Open Source Bandwagon

November 30, 2009Social Media

linkedinOpen source, the practice in production and development that promotes access to an end product’s source materials like their source code (per Wikipedia), has been a trending theme in social media. There are many that dislike open source and others who praise this movement. The OSI, or the Open Source Initiative, looks to educate and advocate the benefits of open source because "open source [offers] better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in". 

Today LinkedIn will be announcing the availability of their technology to software developers looking to integrate it in their sites and apps. Their overall goal? To make LinkedIn the epicenter of convo about business on the Net. In the most recent past they’ve positioned themselves to do just that with their Outlook integration, Twitter partnership, TweetDeck Twitter application, and Amazon.com’s recommended list (allowing you to see which books are popular in your professional network).
Soon, however, developers will be able to provide even more applications and programs that coincide with your LinkedIn accounts. With the explosion of Twitter applications, it seems LinkedIn is on the same track. Twitter is already the online epicenter of most conversation on the web, will LinkedIn become a more niche based conversation hub? Probably.
So what does this mean for us in SEO? It means if you aren’t on LinkedIn already then you should really consider getting an account and optimizing it. Optimizing your LinkedIn account can be done in a few easy steps:
  • Customize your URL, that’s kind of a given but surprisingly many need to be reminded.
  • Add links to your profile under "websites" section. You have up to 3 available, so make sure to add some anchor text that is appropriate. Recently LinkedIn added rel="nofollow" to these links, but general anchor text like "my blog" seem to be dofollow….for the moment.
  • Add substance to your profile by filling it out!
  • Actually USE your LinkedIn profile: Ask questions, answer questions, get recommendations, post your resume, utilize LinkedIn groups, and participate throughout the community. This will not only help build your credibility and authority, but also give you the opportunity to build connections.
  • Add your companies profile to LinkedIn: Mashable’s "How-To: Build Your Company’s Profile on LinkedIn" is a great resource if you haven’t added your companies info to LinkedIn yet.
Be on the lookout for new applications and uses with regards to LinkedIn in 2010, and get your profile ready for it! In fact, you should have lots of social media profiles, we can even help set them up for you!


  • Amit Dec 07, 2009

    LinkedIn is such a great site for social media and connected with anyone in all over world.

  • SEO Services India Sep 23, 2010

    Linekdin is definitely a great social networking site which makes one aware about the various updates being gone in specific interest area.

  • danoctav Feb 20, 2011

    LinkEdin is perfect for business and for relation with others entrepreneurs.