07 Sep 2012

Learn Proven Techniques for Social Media and Digital Success

September 07, 2012Social Media

Digital Marketing Strategy Summit

The digital realm of marketing is forever changing and evolving, and it is our job as marketers to keep up with the flux. That means gathering our resources to stay educated and informed, while looking for ways to apply this new knowledge to upcoming business plans and strategy.

One of the ways in which we stay up to date with the latest trends and industry information is to attend conferences, presentations, and lectures on numerous topics that will help forward our business efforts. A conference we’re really looking forward to is right around the corner, and seeing as it is an online gathering, there is no need for long flights or hotel planning! We’re going to be soaking up all the information right from our computer screens. That conference is called the Digital Marketing Strategy Summit, a brand new online conference that will explore topics ranging from social media, email marketing, sales conversion, and more.

Here is a bit more information about this upcoming conference:

Accelerate your social media and online marketing performance this September at OMI’s new online event, the Digital Marketing Strategy Summit, brought to you by the founders of the Online Marketing Summit.

Topics include Social, Search, Analytics/Conversion, Content, and Email

Date: September 17-28, 2012

Location: Online

As an attendee, you’ll learn proven techniques for driving sales and revenue from leaders and practitioners at companies like Coca Cola, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and IBM. Your carefully-vetted, comprehensive education will be delivered entirely online. Choose from 36 sessions, and learn:

  • Competitive social media tactics and strategies for 2013
  • The 7 best practices of email marketing success
  • How to create the perfect landing page
  • The 8 elements of highly effective search marketing
  • How to write compelling B2B email campaigns
  • How to nurture leads with integrated content and social media

The flexible format allows you to attend anywhere from 1 to all 36 sessions. To ensure the highest quality learning experience, this event is 100% sponsor free.

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OMI’s conference aims to accelerate digital marketing efforts through educating attendees on the numerous topics it plans to cover. We’ve pulled together some tips we think are essential to think about before going into the conference and in planning your marketing strategy in general. When it comes to increasing your digital ROI, these are our top 5 tips gathered from digital marketing professionals in the industry who will be speaking at the online summit:

1. Focus on measuring quality, not just quantity.

Ryan Phelan“It’s a common pitfall in digital marketing– success is often measured by the old direct mail perspective of eyeballs, rather than level of engagement with the right audience. Companies will commonly judge social media success by the raw number of friends or followers they have, harkening back to the days of high school and wanting to be the most popular person in the class. Social media is about creating better ways to engage with the people who have an affinity for your brand. Not everyone on social media sites is going to LOVE your brand, but through authentic engagement, you have an opportunity to give them a positive perspective on it. Don’t focus on how many, focus on the conversation and type of people who want to let you into their personal community.”

– Ryan Phelan, VP, Strategic Services, BlueHornet, @RyanPPhelan

2. Create landing pages that seduce and convert.

“Landing pages are a critical component to the generating quality leads from PPC. You want to direct potential customers on their next steps. Do you want them to order? Contact you? Download more information? This is achieved by having a strong call-to-action (CTA) on the landing page that matches the messaging on PPC ad the visitor just clicked on. Make the primary CTA stand out visually with the use of a button or other eye-catching graphic. Think size, color, and placement of the CTA graphic for maximum benefit. It’s amazing how many advertisers miss this important step, and it can make or break a campaign!”

– Lisa Raehsler, Big Click Co, @LisaRocksSEM

3. Connect to the search psyche of your potential buying customer.

Heather Lutze“Digital Marketing often becomes about speaking and communicating to robots, the search engines and the algorithms. My session is going to re-connect your marketing efforts, whether you are a small business or an agency, to the search psyche of your potential buying customer in Social Media Sites. You must know them first, write content to what they want and only then will conversions show up one tweet, follow, like or comment at a time!”

– Heather Lutze, CEO and Founder, Findability Group, @HeatherLutze

4. Develop a video marketing strategy.

Kent Lewis“Video offers greater retention and recall: up to 5 times greater than the written word. So how to get started? Below is a list of recommendations to consider when developing a successful video marketing program, from strategic planning to measurement.

  • Benchmark the competition (analyze profile design, overall content and level of interaction)
  • Based on analysis of existing videos, the ideal duration to maximize engagement is 30-120 seconds
  • All videos should include a closing call-to-action (visit a website, subscribe, comment, share, etc.)
  • For trademarked or copyrighted content or improved measurability, consider digital watermarking
  • Create a text transcript for all videos (good for search engine optimization and ADA compliance)
  • Create an audio-only “podcast” for distribution on iTunes and other audio websites
  • Create still images from HD videos to post on Pinterest, Flickr, Facebook and other profiles
  • Don’t forget to set default sharing option to “public” or “allow all”
  • Use Comments, Hot Spots and A/B Testing as your virtual focus group (to determine future content and format ideas)
  • Based on new posting rules recently released by YouTube, be sure to use your Google+ profile when commenting on videos”

– Kent Lewis, President, Anvil Media, @kentjlewis

5. Focus on the right social media metrics.

“While social metrics like growth in # of fans, followers or likes can certainly help set a baseline and provide trending for general reach and frequency, they can be misleading or misinterpreted as absolute values. One way to minimize the limitations of these metrics is to track them as ratios instead. The benefit of a ratio is that it focuses on relationships and relativity. For example, marketers shouldn’t care as much about the total number of Likes on Facebook; rather, they should care about the level of quality and engagement with those individuals. One way to do that is by looking at relationships like the average number of comments or shares-per-post.”

– Kent Lewis, President, Anvil Media, @kentjlewis

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