16 Jul 2009

Inaugural AZIMA Meeting Was a Hit! Next Up: Facebook

speakerLast night was AZIMA‘s inaugural meeting, and nine of us here at Vertical Measures attended. Hosted at the Tempe Mission Palms, we enjoyed a nice social hour accompanied by a pasta bar and informative presentation by Chris Murch, from wsRadio.com. 

azima1Worth noting are several upcoming events including an education webinar by Howie Jacobson, PhD, author of AdWords For Dummies, on Tuesday July 21st.  Howie will be discussing Top Tips for Improving Poor Performing Paid Search Campaigns.
Another event we’re excited about is the next AZIMA evening event, "How To Effectively Engage Others On Social Networks" on August 11th. Mark Wallrap, Scott Iden, and Rick Eisen from Facebook will be presenting some need-to-know information.
Facebook is the largest social networking site on the web. Yesterday Facebook announced on their blog that there are now 250 million Facebook users worldwide. Just three and a half months ago (98 days to be exact) Facebook reported 200 million Facebook users. That’s a rate of roughly 510,204 signups a day, about 350 a minute, and 5.5 per second, give or take a few.
iStrategyLabs.com reports that in the last six months alone the 55 year olds and up have flocked to Facebook in massive numbers, increasing that overall demographic by 513%! Surprisingly, the report alsofacebook1 states that students, both high school and college, have decreased by 20%. They chalked this up to more and more adults flocking to the site causing an alienation of the younger groups. Not so cool to have your parents on the same social networking site? Guess not. It could, in part, have something to do with the fact that many seniors graduated in May and June as well, but those items don’t seem to have been factored into the report.
Fan boxes have been added to Facebook, another great tool for business owners, celebrities, and the like. These embeddable widgets can be placed on your website, updating your site visitors with the valuable information contained in your Facebook news feed. Celebs like Lance Armstrong have already implemented this feature onto their site.  

Lots of exciting news about Facebook! Don’t miss out on the AZIMA event, August 11th at 6:00 p.m. Early registration will be available soon, so check back often to secure your seat at the next social event and while your waiting join AZIMA and be apart of a great new interactive marketing association in Arizona.

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  • Todd Helvik Jul 18, 2009

    You really can’t go anywhere online these days without being able to “login using your facebook account” or being asked to become a fan of a business or product on facebook and I say kudos to facebook. It started out as themselves and myspace as the giants in the social networking game but the simple, clean, user-friendly interface of facebook is really setting them apart and they are far and away the dominant social network and will continue to be for many years to come. Good read.