24 Nov 2009

Hootsuite Gets a Facelift

November 24, 2009Social Media

HootsuiteIf you haven’t discovered the wonderful social media tool Hootsuite it’s about time you did. Last night a few of us here at Vertical Measures, myself included, were going crazy because Hootsuite was down to perform updates to its system. And what we found this morning made us all jump for joy…..I literally did a little happy dance in my chair.

Hootsuite added the ability to manage your Facebook status updates (including commenting on your friends status updates, AND ‘liking’ their posts), postdate your Facebook status updates, manage your Linkedin updates, post date your Linkedin updates, manage Twitter lists, AND when someone @replies a tweet you can see which tweet they were referring to! To my knowledge there aren’t any other systems like this….great job Hootsuite! 

If you aren’t already familiar with exactly what Hootsuite has to offer check out the details below to answer a few common questions.
hootsuite-owlWhat is Hootsuite?
Dubbed as the ultimate Twitter toolbox (and now the social media toolbox in my opinion), with Hootsuite you’re able to manage multiple accounts, add many editors to each of your Twitter accounts, post-date tweets, and the best thing for social media marketers: analytics. Their analytics are pretty awesome, calculating click through rates on tweets utilizing their ow.ly shortner, showing you the geographic locations of your clickers, etc.
With Hootsuite you’re able to RT, @Reply, DM, or favorite items too! Plus, you can click on any users name and easily follow, unfollow, see their stats (follower/following), see their bio, their last tweet, and even report them as spam.
Something that I personally love about Hootsuite is their ‘hootlet’ button which allows you to quickly and easily post a URL on your Twitter profile with a simple click of a button that activates a screen popup, auto-filling the message area with the shortened URL and the meta title of the page – a TRUE time saver! How many times have you seen a blog post you want to share on Twitter? Then you have to go to bit.ly or tinyurl.com, paste the link in the shortener, copy the then shortened URL and paste it into Twitter, fill out the info, etc. With the ‘hootlet’ button you can easily do this in about ½ the time and you can post it to Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin at the same time.
How can Hootsuite help me?
If you have multiple accounts like I do (because I manage Vertical Measures social media marketing) OR if you just have your own account you can really benefit. This web based system gives you the ability to set up different streams pulling through data from Twitter (and now Facebook and Linkedin) with the following options:
Twitter: Home feed, Mentions (@ reply) feed, Direct message feed, Outgoing message feed (both DM and sent tweets), Pending tweets feed, keywords (always be aware of who’s tweeting about your keywords), hashtags, and more.
Facebook: so far Hootsuite only allows you to choose a feed that has your Facebook Live Feed stream (your status messages and your friends), and another feed that lets you see your pending (postdated) status updates. Users are able to ‘like’ and comment on their friend’s status updates on Facebook as well.
Linkedin: Status message stream, and an option to see your post-dated Linkedin messages.
Each of the feeds you designate are placed next to one another in one tab for easy viewing. You can fit up to four feeds in each tab, and can have as many tabs as you want.
If you aren’t using Hootsuite now you really should, it’s a lifesaver!


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  • Double Vee Nov 28, 2009

    Hi – very useful tool as well; I love the delayed reply functionality, allowing me to prepare my tweets during late evenings and schedule them for a more appropriate time… You might also want to check SocialToo.com for a synchronisation between your multiple social networks