07 Mar 2012

Can You Generate New Business Using Twitter? [VIDEO]

March 07, 2012Social Media

Q & A Wednesday

Arnie Kuenn answers: can you generate new business using Twitter?

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So today’s question is: “Can you really use Twitter to generate new business?”

And my short answer is yes! We have absolutely generated new business here at Vertical Measures through Twitter, by finding friends and engaging with them, potential customers and having real relationships with them. Letting them know about our business. Letting them see what our personalities are like and also not just by broadcasting out about our benefits, features and so on and so forth. But truly having dialogue with people and letting them see your real personality.

I know other businesses not only use Twitter but Facebook, and I realize this question is specifically about Twitter, and all their doing is building a fan base. They’re not concerned about whether they have 1,000 followers, 10,000 followers, or 200 followers. What they are concerned about is, am I having a relationship with this person on the other end of this Twitter conversation. And if they are and this person builds some trust, you can drive business right in the door.

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  • entrpreneur Mar 27, 2012

    Good stuff, very well written!