15 Jan 2014

Beyonce vs Sharknado: Social Media Buzz

#Beyonce vs. #sharknado Social Media Buzz

The use of social media is pivotal when sharing content. Specifically, Twitter has become a reliable source for sending content catered to a narrow or broad audience depending on the topic.

In August of 2013, the movie Sharknado was broadcast to millions of viewers. The astonishing aspect of the movie does not lie in the number of viewers, but in the number of tweets that were sent out about it within 24 hours. Months later, we see a repeat viral sensation on Twitter when Beyoncé surprised people with a new album that stirred up a large amount of tweets within 24 hours as well. In the following datagraphic, look at the social media buzz that circulated around these two events by seeing how they did in a 24 hour timespan and what they peaked at with tweets per minute.

#beyonce vs #sharknado social media buzz #infographic

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  • CliqueOut Jan 16, 2014

    You kidding? The social media/network has exploded beyond belief. Gone are the days when we get excited at getting the message on the pager, and gone are days where the email is the number use of online usage. Its all about social media now – and to be honest with you’ Facebook has started losing its shine. So what’s taking them away?