22 Dec 2010

An Introduction to Facebook Ads

December 22, 2010Social Media

Whether you admit it or not, social marketing is the wave of the future. People flock to Facebook and Twitter every day to waste countless hours checking their friend’s statuses and playing social games. This is where the people are, and if you are not marketing to them then you are missing out. Facebook ads have never been simpler to set up, and this post should help you understand why you need Facebook ads as part of your social media marketing initiative.


By far the best part about Facebook ads is how tailored they can be to exactly the audience you are trying to convert. With other types of advertising you have limited control over the audience seeing the ad but with Facebook you have complete control. Say you are an outdoor company; you can set up an ad that markets only to users that have camping as an interest and no one else. If you are a bakery, you can market to customers only on their birthday and no other days. All of these things are as easy as typing in a keyword and checking a couple boxes.


Along with the above customization is the audience. You no longer have to market to the whole world, so you can make ads that will work with only the younger audience, one that works with an older audience, and one that works with the entire range. The ability to change in and out these ads and tweaking them to the desired result is what makes Facebook ads work so well.


The cost of Facebook ads is one of the main things you have to keep tabs on when creating ads. According to Facebook’s statistics, they have over 500 million users, half log in every day and 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook per month. Essentially what this means is you will hit your daily budget every day, almost guaranteed. There have been less than a handful of days where I have not hit the daily budget I set as the impressions and clicks can be astronomical with this type of advertising. Make sure you set a daily budget when first starting out, so you don’t realize two days later that you have already blown through the social marketing budget for the month.


If you are working with a small niche when running your ads, make sure you think about other ways to market. If you only have a projected reach of 100,000 people, then within a month every single one of them could have seen your ad multiple times. Combat this by creating new ads on a monthly basis, which allows you to try different tactics to see what works best, while at the same time not annoying your customers.

These are just a few tips to help you in trying out Facebook ads. There are a lot of other options available but you simply have to try it and see what works for you. Set a low daily budget of a couple dollars, until you have an ad that is giving you the desired results.

What tips do you have to creating a successful Facebook advertisement?  Let us know in the comments below!

This is a guest post by Josh McNair from the Ecommerce and Entrepreneurship blog. Josh works for online home improvement retailer that sells plumbing supplies. Like them on Facebook!


  • Nathan O'Leary Dec 22, 2010

    I am planning on setting up some Facebook ads for one of our Fan pages today. Just to increase the number of fans to our page, we haven’t been able to make Facebook ads work to convert sales yet.

  • Nick Stamoulis Dec 24, 2010

    I haven’t had much experience in running Facebook ads, but perhaps like running other ads, the most important thing to keep in mind is catering to your demographic or you target audience.

  • Josh Dec 29, 2010

    You should keep trying and mixing up your audience. Getting fans to your page is a great way to start though as it will add a lot of value to the page overall, and let you have access to more people to market too. Bu I do agree that off page ads are often hard to convert on. Some ways I have seen that worked is both taloring the ad as well as the landing page to be very niche. ie. If you are running an ad to people who like camping, making the landing page 100% about camping and great deals on camping products to help it convert better / keep the user interest.

  • Rakesh Kumar Dec 30, 2010

    I have just created my Facebook page and planning to create Facebook ads with hoping that This will increase my facebook fan page members and also traffic.

  • Mark Tomkinson - MD Ech0 Advertising Jan 07, 2011

    Remember how bad you were at Adwords the first time you used it? Well, its going to be like that when you use Facebook for the first time as well.

    I managed to generate literally NO CLICKS my first time. The targeting can be hard to get right Now I’m running campaigns for people that spend 1000’s every month.

    The best advice I can give is make every mistake possible just don’t make them twice!

  • Elise Redlin-Cook Jan 08, 2011

    Very good advice! Thanks!