19 May 2009

Allegiance To The Social Pledge

plege-allegianceThe way we use the internet is changing before our very eyes. Since the first day each of us got on the information superhighway it has changed. My first session online proved to be extremely resourceful, and since that day over ten years ago I have integrated most of my daily activities to have some sort of online influence. In the past few years, however, I have integrated almost everything I do into social media applications. My daily allegiance to the social pledge is a bit of an obsession actually—and I’m not the only one. It’s estimated that Facebook has over 200 million active users, Twitter has around 12 million, and sites like Digg attract over 200 million visitors a year.

The trend of utilizing social media more and more has transcended into marketing and advertising as well. Where else can you have the potential to expose your brand to 200 million people practically for free? 88% of marketers are said to be using social media, and a staggering 72% have only been doing so for a few months, states the Social Media Marketing Industry Report. Nearly all marketers who’ve been using social media state that it generates some exposure for their business. And yet another study, by the Society For New Communications Research, reports that 78% of businesses use blogs, 63% use online video, and over half use social media.
At this point you should be ‘ooo-ing’ and ‘awe-ing’ over these numbers, and should be convinced that social media ought to play some role in your link building and marketing efforts. If not, then chew on this a bit.
google1Google is implementing changes to improve their search functions. Those changes include: more sort options for results, keyword wonder wheel tool, social profiles in SERPs (a topic I discussed not long ago), and more and more changes to integrate real time search—key influencer: Twitter.  
twitterTwitter is a better real time search engine than Google, and they want to stay that way. Twitter has said it is going to start crawling links in tweets to provide more information to searchers. This little tid bit, as a link builder utilizing Twitter, made me do a bit of a happy dance. Profiles and individual tweets are starting to show up in SERPs, and profiles have actual page ranks too. My own Twitter profile (@cliquekaila) has a page rank 1/10, but I shouldn’t ‘tweet’ my own horn—-Ashton Kutcher’s profile (@aplusk) is a page rank 7/10!
I can’t even fathom what the world of search will look like years from now, heck even months from now. I can tell you one thing, however. Society’s allegiance to the social pledge will have more impact on search; can you afford to miss out on this opportunity? I think not. 

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  • Church Content Management System Jun 01, 2009

    Social networking websites are very common now. Everybody used it for interact with friends and to exchange messages. Twitter and Facebook have a huge market place today