SEO Audits for Marketing Automation Platforms

SEO can play nicely with marketing automation – if you’re careful.

The Power of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps businesses use technology to automate elements of their marketing that’s important for the organization. Companies like HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Act-On, Marketo and Pardot offer well-known marketing automation platforms today that allow for performance-driven, effective and profitable campaigns.

As with so many things online, however, it’s not as simple as it might sound.

With an SEO audit for marketing automation platforms, our team is able to see how the platform has been implemented, if SEO best practices are being followed, and allows us to provide recommendations for improving how your SEO and marketing automation can work together.

The Power of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation and SEO: HubSpot

The biggest, most harmful culprit with marketing automation platforms comes down to how the platform was initially implemented.

Here at Vertical Measures we practice what we preach; using HubSpot specifically for our own marketing automation software has taught us a great deal about how powerful the platform is. When working with clients who have partnered with HubSpot we ask ourselves:

  • How does marketing automation code affect page load speed?
  • Where is content hosted and how is it delivered to the end user?
  • Are redirects utilized efficiently and correctly?
  • Is the subdomain vs. subfolder structure setup correctly?

Each of these questions are highly technical in nature and should have a seasoned professional consulted to recommend solutions. Let us conduct an audit of your current HubSpot setup, and get you back on the right path.

SEO Audit for Marketing Automation

Our detailed SEO & Marketing Automation Audits offer an in depth review of your website, paying careful attention to the core elements affected by marketing automation platforms.

Our team of technical experts will:

  • Review the current implementation of your MA platform
  • Examine website analytics data and rankings history
  • Conduct checks for duplicate content and cannibalization
  • Review # of indexed pages, paying particular attention to unnecessary pages being indexed
  • Identify subdomains and their current setup for best practices
  • Examine page load speed
  • Recommend onsite web page changes as needed

Regardless of size, amount of traffic and number of pages, we can help identify the biggest issues and provide tangible solutions for implementation.

Ready to roll? Speak to us today to start your SEO Audit for Marketing Automation.