Keyword Research and Canonical Mapping

Discover the perfect keywords for your business that'll generate more qualified traffic, leads, and sales.

Our Keyword Research Philosophy

Some people think picking the right keywords is just a case of knowing which keywords are searched the most…wrong!

We know better, and here at Vertical Measures, our team of SEO experts focus on uncovering the right intent that will send paying customers to your website and improve your bottom line. With our keyword research service, we:

  • Conduct keyword discovery based on all available keywords in your industry
  • Uncover terms that will help you garner valuable conversions
  • Ensure the selected keywords are in line with your budget and business goals

We map the right keywords to pages on your site that have the most potential. And what if your pages don’t have potential quite yet? Then our team will write new meta titles, descriptions, suggest heading tags and even include recommended internal links with our keyword mapping services to help you rank for the best keyword queries possible.

Our Keyword Research Philosophy
Rank for the Right Keywords

Rank for the Right Keywords

Are you spending a small fortune on ranking for short tail keywords that are sending generic traffic to your website, rather than targeted consumers? Our keyword research service can help you find the right terms to improve your ROI.

Ranking in Google or other search engines for a large volume keyword sounds nice, but if you forget about search intent, you may as well not have optimized for the keyword in the first place. When performing keyword research and canonical mapping services, we look at:

  • Demographic data
  • Consumer intent
  • What your competitors are ranking for
  • Ideas on how to find customers at all stages of the buyer’s journey, especially those ready to purchase

The additional element our team of expert SEOs provides is tactical and strategic canonical mapping… it’s a mouthful, we know. But keyword confusion and cannibalization are running rampant in the industry today. Our team fights back using canonical mapping to tell search engines what versions of pages are dominant or to address duplicate content issues. The end result is a more organized site for search bots and improved rankings overall.

We’ll Create Your Foundation for a Successful Campaign

Selecting the right terms to target in your campaign is the first step towards success. We want to help you see the greatest gains throughout your online marketing efforts, so we’ll make sure to keep you budget and business goals in mind when suggesting keywords and use of canonical tags.

With our keyword research, keyword mapping and canonical mapping services, you will receive strategic and tactical recommendations to help improve how your content is found.

Don’t waste time or effort on keywords that won’t send sales to your website.