Backlink Analysis and Removal

We’ll dive deep into the health of your site and provide an action plan to improve your rankings.

Our Backlink Analysis Services

Over any other factor, the number of backlinks to your site directly correlates with high search engine rankings. To put it simpler: your backlink portfolio can make or break your website. Have you hired out or done some link building you are not proud of or simply aren’t showing up in the results where you want to be? Have you been hit by Google’s Penguin update or a manual penalty? Since first impressions are so important, even to Google, it’s important to take a fresh look at your backlinks and analyze how search engines “see” your site.


Our backlink analysis service goes a little like this:

1. Deep Dive: We spend time gathering your links from multiple sources so we see everything a search engine does. If there is one page in particular that concerns you, let us know! We’re happy to hone in on the pages which need it most.

2. Manual Review: Through careful, meticulous analysis, our team of backlink analyst pros will determine what links may be causing harm to your rankings.

3. Gathering Insight: We ask ourselves: are your lack of impressions due to poor quality, exact match anchor text or simply too many sitewide links?

4. Actionable Document: We put together an easy to understand document that reveals your website’s backlink analysis from a dozen perspectives to make sure we didn’t miss a thing. This will also includes detailed information on your competitors’ best pages and your newest links.

Tested and Proven Link Removal Strategies

Our trained team of link removal pros have the knowledge and dedication to contact each and every webmaster in order to remove those toxic links. We’ve even scientifically tested our webmaster approach! It includes 3 separate outreaches per domain with a few other tricks up our sleeve. We’ve found this method to be the best way to increase our odds of link removal. Plus, our human touch drives more results than any bot could.

Our Own Unique Metric

We’re serious about links here at Vertical Measures. Serious enough to create our own proprietary link rating metric. We designed this metric so we could better understand backlink profiles based on many different industry standards. It’s different than other companies out there because we rate links on an individual basis and then tie them back to how relevant the linked site is to yours.

Our technical SEO experts calculate each link’s rating during the Manual Review phase of our link analysis. Each rating is created on an individual basis scale from o-5, with 5 being the best possible link that could be attained. Our goal is to help you weed out the 1’s and help you elevate your averages with proper analysis and pruning.

Learn more about how our team can clean up your backlink portfolio for a healthy site.