Product Listing Ads Management

If you run an Ecommerce business, shopping campaigns should be a pivotal part of your marketing efforts.

Google and Bing offer their own versions of Shopping campaigns, both of which allow you to reach shoppers who are searching for the exact items you sell.


Why Use Product Listing Ads?

Product Listing Ads allow you to turn your product feed from the Google Merchant Center into shopping ads for each of the items you sell. By connecting AdWords with your Google Merchant Center account, you can then optimize and promote the items that people are looking to buy. The main benefits of using Product Listing Ads include:

Retail-Friendly Campaign Management
Since Shopping campaigns allow you to view your product inventory in AdWords, you can create ad groups for the items you want to bid on, making it easier to optimize your products.

Advanced Reporting
Regardless of how you structure your Shopping campaigns, you’ll have the ability to view performance data by product, category, product type, brand, condition, item ID, or custom labels.

Competitive Data
Within Shopping campaigns, you can see benchmark data for average click-through-rate and max cost-per-click, which can help you optimize your products against other competitors.


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Our Product Listing Ads Management Services

The experienced team at Vertical Measures can help you setup and manage a successful Product Listing Ads campaign. We can get your items in front of the right customers so that you can begin to see a positive return on investment for your advertising efforts.


Campaign Setup

We’ll connect your Google Merchant Center account with AdWords to create Shopping campaign ads. We can also help you determine an appropriate budget based on your business goals. Don’t have a Google Merchant Center account? Don’t worry – we can help you create one!



Whether your goal is to sell more of a particular item or to reduce your overall cost-per-sale, our team will work to regularly optimize your Product Listing Ads. We’ll analyze industry data and make regular adjustments to ensure that your items are showing at the right time when people are shopping online. We can even help you install revenue tracking so that you can see exactly how much return you’re seeing from each sale.

Reporting (1)


In addition to setting up and optimizing your Product Listing Ads on an ongoing basis, we’ll provide weekly reports on performance so you can be assured that you’re reaching your business goals. We’ll let you know which items are selling and how much return on ad spend you’re seeing from those sales.

Want to learn more about product listing ads? Our PPC experts are here to help.