Paid Social Management

Our team excels at designing customized social campaigns to complement any holistic digital strategy.

Paid Social Management Includes:

After fully understanding your business goals customers, we will make an ad placement strategy recommendation that best suits your needs. These are some of the ad networks and ad types that our team specializes in:


We’re experts at social prospecting & retargeting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


We’ll recommend what platforms should be included, what stages of the funnel you should be targeting, and what content assets are needed to maximize performance.


Our team will guide your segmentation of sponsored posting by interests, behaviors, geography, 1st and 3rdparty data, as well as look-a-like audience creation.


We utilize creative assets, targeted placement, and audience testing at regular intervals, which are designed to consistently drive engagement.


We’ll provide campaign performance in the context of your target KPI – likes, shares, comments, click-throughs, conversion actions.


Our approach is holistic and we’ll show you how your social efforts are affecting paid search or email performance and so on with our attribution reporting.

Why Businesses Choose Us For Their Paid Social Management

Our Results

  • Up to 190% Increase in Lead Volume
  • Up to 78% Decrease in Cost Per Lead


Our People

  • Dedicated, in-house Paid Media analysts
  • Analysts are versed in multi-channel solutions including programmatic, social, and search channels
  • We solve complex social campaign efforts on a daily basis to help our clients maximize their digital strategy potential



  • 24/7 Reporting access detailing campaign performance
  • Customizable monthly reports
  • Bi-monthly opportunity reporting detailing intra-month success and forecasts
  • In-person, phone, and email communication channels for strategic planning

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