Remarketing Ads Management

Take advantage of remarketing ads to make sure you leave a lasting impression that converts.

Why Use Remarketing Ads?

Did you know 93% of all consumers use search prior to making a purchase? That means they are researching heavily online before making a buying decision. But that also means they may initially leave your site without taking any action.

Remarketing ads provide a huge opportunity for businesses to stay “top of mind” with their potential and existing customers. These highly targeted, strategic ads are a great way to continue placing your brand or your products in front of your potential customers, even long after they’ve visited your website or made an initial purchase.

With these ads, you can continue advertising to these searchers as they complete similar searches on Google or other platforms. Remarketing ads also allow you to advertise to people who have taken an action on your website and are again searching for something similar. This can help remind searchers of the brands they experienced in the past.

Our Remarketing Ads Management Services

Vertical Measures can help you set up and maintain a successful remarketing ads campaign – whether your goal is to target shoppers who have abandoned their cart or simply encourage people to re-visit your site. We offer remarketing campaign management for AdWords, Bing, and Facebook.

Our team will provide:

Research: We’ll work with you to determine what types of visitors you may want to continue targeting and what type of remarketing ads align best with those goals.

Setup: Our team will create new remarketing ads based on the targeting and audience options you choose.

Budget: We’ll help you determine how valuable these remarketing ads are to your business and come up with an appropriate budget.

Maintenance & Testing: The team at Vertical Measures will work to continually test your remarketing ads and improve performance to find the optimal version for success.

Reporting: You’ll receive regular updates on how your remarketing ads are performing so you can be assured your budget is providing a good return.

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