Facebook Ads Management

Let our experienced digital advertising analysts set up and optimize Facebook Ads to unlock a whole new audience for your business.

Why Advertise with Facebook Ads?

It’s no secret that Facebook Ads provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to build their brands, generate revenue, engage their customers, and reach new audiences. After all, Facebook has over 1.55 billion active users each month…and growing.

Advertising for Facebook for businesses have proven to be so successful because the platform allows for a high level of customization and broad range of targeting. With Facebook ads you can:

Target Custom Audiences: Set up custom audience targeting and have direct control over who sees your ads. You can target your ads based on everything from age and location to interests and behaviors, making sure your ads get in front of the right people at the right time.

Take Advantage of Effective Placement: Whether your customers are browsing Facebook on their computer or on a mobile device, your ads will show within their newsfeed as sponsored content. This means they’ll see your relevant ads alongside all of the other information they’re interested in.

Reach Your Business Goals: A Facebook Ad can help you reach your goals – whether you want to give people directions to your store, encourage them to download your app, watch a specific video, purchase an item, or fill out a form on your website.

The enormity of that reach makes launching new Facebook Ads campaigns an exciting venture for businesses, but not one without some challenges. You must understand how to:

  • Prep your website for proper tracking
  • Organize and structure your campaigns
  • Target your audience within an endless number of options
  • Create the ads
  • Continually optimize your ads based on data

Our Facebook Ads Management Services

At Vertical Measures, we can help you set up and manage a successful PPC advertising campaign on Facebook, whatever your goal. We’ve helped clients do everything and anything – increase their sales, send traffic to their website, convert leads, or simply promote their content to grab more engagement.

When you work with Vertical Measures to create and manage Facebook ads, you can expect:

Set Up of the Facebooks Ads Platform

If you’ve never used Facebook Ads before – don’t worry – we’ll help you setup an advertising account from the beginning. Our experienced team can also help you decide on an appropriate budget for your advertising efforts.

Expert Targeting

We’ll work with you to create the right audience targeting so you can be assured your ads are reaching your potential and current customers.

Robust Reporting

Along with setting up and managing your Facebook Ads campaign, our team will regularly provide you with important statistics so you know – without a doubt – that your campaign is bringing you the results you want. You’ll receive a weekly report detailing how many conversions can be directly attributed to your Facebook ads.

Optimization and Ongoing Testing

As part of our ongoing Facebook management services, we’ll consistently perform A/B testing of ads to ensure optimal performance. We will analyze budget, bids, and overall performance to make sure you’re meeting your business goals.

Looking for help on implementing Facebook Ads for your business?