Content Marketing Measurement

We use content measurement to analyze our work and the effect it has on your overall business goals.

Our Measurement Process

Do you ever wonder if your current online marketing efforts are having a positive effect or do you just hope for the best? When it comes to Google, wishful thinking stopped working a long time ago. We help sift through the mountains of information to find the most insightful and useful data to prove and optimize your content marketing ROI.

  • Determine business goals: You know your business better than anyone else and we want to tap into that knowledge. We will work with you to determine the right metrics and goals that will drive the growth of your business.
  • Establish baseline metrics: To measure improvement, we have to know where you’re starting from. By establishing baseline metrics, we can establish key performance indicators (KPIs) that prove the value of your content marketing and SEO efforts.
  • Dashboard setup: Google Analytics is complex, and we don’t want you spending hours in the platform grasping for the story behind your data. That’s why we set up simple, personalized content measurement dashboards with the metrics that matter most to you.
  • Monthly reports: While our content analytics dashboards are providing a high­ level overview of what happened, you also want the actual insights to know why that happened and what you can do to improve and build on your success. These insights come in the form of monthly reports.

Valuable Insights

If the numbers don’t tell a story, then we’re just looking at shapes on a computer screen.

The real value of measurement comes from the analysis of those numbers, which is then translated into valuable insights and next steps. We arrive at those insights by asking the right questions:

  • Why did my organic traffic increase?
  • What pages reported the highest increases?
  • What channel is driving the most conversions?
  • What type of content has the highest engagement with users?
  • What metric best correlates with conversions?

We’ll Help you Understand your Content Marketing ROI

The answers to our discovery questions will form the insights and recommendations that drive your overall business goals. They provide a feedback loop that highlights the success of our work together, and points us in the direction of future work. Over time, we can help you understand your content marketing ROI across multiple channels, while providing insights to drive stronger alignment with your audience’s needs.

Ready to uncover and starting optimizing your content marketing ROI?