Infographic, Video, and Creative Content Creation

Diversify your offerings to stay at the cutting edge of content marketing with our creative content design for infographics, videos, whitepapers, types of 10x content, and more.


Let’s Build Creative Content that Drives Results

If you already have a strong foundation of text-driven content, why not start to branch out with creative visual content?

Don’t let your content become stale – add compelling content to the mix that incorporates best practices in graphic design. Web users consume content in many different ways, so it’s important that you have content that “speaks” to them. Based on your content strategy and the consumption habits of your target audiences, we can create interesting and visually appealing formats for your editorial calendar.

Introducing visual content to your editorial mix can help drive:

Up to 94% more views on your site

A 37% increase in engagement from targeted customers

300% more inbound links by using video

What Are the Types Visual Content?

We offer a variety of creative content design services, with a focus on optimizing topics for the best SEO value. Click the tabs below to navigate through our offerings.


Whether it’s comparing statistics, illustrating your business processes, or simply putting a creative spin on a familiar concept, the infographics we create tell a compelling story. By combining a minimal amount of written content with robust charts, data, or other illustrations, we can present an argument, inform or entertain the reader, and present a complex subject in a digestible way. Infographics can come in several forms:

Mini Infographic

#beyonce vs #sharknado social media buzz #infographic

Where an infographic is long and can feature multiple sections of statistics and information, a mini infographic is meant to be shorter and bite-sized. They are just as compelling and often encourage large social engagement.

Infographic: Pro

Development of a Successful Content Marketing Project

This level of infographic utilizes basic and simple illustrations and graphs to tell a captivating story to your audience. These are great for businesses that want a simpler and less stylized design approach.

Infographic: Enterprise

How Google Understands You Infographic
Hubspot Campaigns with Content Marketing

Enterprise level infographics have a more polished, detailed and stylized approach to portraying the information. Information still comes first, but enterprise infographics are great for detailed illustrations and/or complex topics.

Animated Infographic

The Growth of Mobile Advertising #gifographic
The Author Rank Building Machine

By adding subtle animation to an infographic, you can enhance your topic while still keeping an emphasis on information. Engage with your audience at a whole new level!

Infographics FAQ

How are Vertical Measures infographics different than whats out there already?

Our designers who have an educational background in information design, an eye towards trends, and an understanding of putting the data first. They also know the importance of having a well-optimized piece of content. An optimized title as a file name and alt tag are just the beginning. Our infographics come ready for you to post, designed according to the page dimensions it will be placed on, an H1 tag, and additional copy to fulfill your SEO needs.

Where should I place my infographic?

The best place an infographic can reside is on your blog. Adding variety to your content with an infographic can help keep your content fresh, your site indexed by searchbots, and your audience paying attention by breaking up the constant routine of articles.

How will branding be used with infographics?

Infographics are typically a “top-of-the-funnel” type of content. That means they use broad topics that relate to your organization or industry in order to capture your audience and bring them into your sales funnel. With that broad appeal, we like to follow a best practice of our 80/20 rule where 80% of the graphic is non-branded (but using complementary colors to your brand), and 20% is branded. Part of the role of an infographic is making it a shareable piece of content, and heavily branded infographics can come across as too much of a sales push.


YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world (behind only Google), and 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! These stats point to consumers’ voracious appetite for video content, but also the need to stand out from the crowd with relevant and optimized videos. Our video design team creates all kinds of videos: short and long, educational and humorous, animated and live-action.


Our professional level videos tell a story through simple illustrations, scene changes, background music, and narration.


Anything beyond our professional motion graphic videos becomes a custom video. Additional narrators, more detailed illustrations, animations, scene changes and SFX all help create a more sophisticated video, but still with an emphasis on storytelling.

Video FAQ

What is the best length for a video?

We find that short 1-2 minute videos retain audiences the best. According to Wistia, the average drop in engagement with a 1-2 minute video is only 4.9%. 5-10 minute videos have an engagement loss of 17.3%, and it continues to climb from there. The important part to remember is that no matter the length or type of video, your video should have some value for your audience, and help them remember your brand.

What is a motion graphic video?

Motion graphic videos use animated illustrations and scenes that are aligned with a narration to tell a story.

What is the difference between the professional and custom videos?

The main difference between these two types of videos are the level of detail in animation, scene changes, and the addition of SFX that can all add time to the project’s scope.

Where should my video live online?

With optimized YouTube videos always coming up in Google Search results, we recommend placing your video on YouTube. By placing it on your YouTube channel and embedding the video on a blog post (add an optimized title and copy to the post), your increasing your odds of being found in Google and YouTube search results.

Free Guides

Free guides or technical whitepapers are a powerful way to educate your audience on a particular topic, allowing you to speak authoritatively with a comprehensive deep-dive format. Our free guides feature an editorial design style, usually are formatted as downloadable PDF’s, and can be gated for lead generation.



Professional tiered guides are a more affordable way to have a simple free guide designed in a two-column format, with a cover and in-copy callouts.



Editorial tiered guides are more design heavy, similar to that of a magazine. They feature full page callouts, a more design savvy cover, and internal in-copy design elements.

Free Guide | White Paper FAQ

How do you use branding within a free guide?

Free guides are a great piece of content for brand awareness and associating an authoritative topic with your brand. How much branding (colors, font, images, etc.) is used in the guide is dependent upon the topic, goals of the piece, and your needs.

How can I measure the effectiveness of a free guide or white paper?

By gating your free guide behind a lead form, you are able to have visitors sign up to download your guide, where they are then added to your email database for lead nurture. You can track the number of downloads of your guide with the proper measurement tools, along with the traffic and links to your page.

What are the best topics for a free guide?

Wither it’s a top of the funnel topic that helps introduce a broad topic relating to your industry, or a bottom of the funnel topic that is highly specific and speaks more directly about a service you provide, both are an opportunity to target your audience with comprehensive content that drives conversions.

What type of deliverable do I get?

The final deliverable you receive with a free guide or whitepaper is an optimized .pdf file. Source files used in the creation of the guide are an additional charge.

10x Content

This content type represents the culmination of best practices in online content, SEO, design, and user experience. We publish a custom web page that immerses the visitor in a comprehensive digital experience that combines robust copy with numerous graphical elements such as charts, tables, or data visualizations. We will identify content topics that warrant an in-depth piece and will result in significant SEO value.

Check out an example of a 10x Content.

10x Content FAQ

What are the benefits of 10x content?

10x Content can gain SEO benefits through attracting links, and also are widely engaging on social media, garnering many shares just like an infographic. Both links and social shares on their own can help drive traffic to a page, but combined, the possibilities are magnified.

How much copy and how many images are found in 10x content?

The range of copy depends on the topic chosen for a 10x content, but can fall between 1,200-1,500+ words. The amount of images lands at a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6, but is determined and informed by the copy.

What is the best place for a 10x content to be placed?

Where you place your 10x content is dependent upon several factors. What is the topic of the 10x content? How important is it to your audience? What is your site’s architecture? What is the main goal of you 10x content? Regardless of the question, we can help you find the right place to put a 10x content on your site so it will perform the best.


Ready to add some creative content pieces to your marketing strategy?

What’s Our Creative Content Creation Process?

We strongly believe that visual content creation begins with expectations and a strong partnership. It’s always important to know what will happen in the development of your content project, so that’s why we believe setting expectations at the beginning is crucial. As we work together as partners towards the completion of your project, it’s important to keep the content piece moving forward, always progressing from one phase of its creation to the next and never moving backwards. Here is our content creation process for creative projects:

Step 1:

  • Project goals are identified
  • Branding discussion
  • Distribution and promotional challenges discussed
  • Stakeholders identified
  • Discussion of inspiration or examples

Step 2:

  • Topic brainstorming and selection
  • Topic title and brief description created
  • Topics sent for approval
  • Topic revisions and feedback

Step 3:

Outline or Script
  • In-depth topic reserarch
  • Outline, draft or script creation
  • Internal review
  • Client approval
  • Feedback and revisions

Step 4:
Design and Complete

  • Project design
  • Internal review & quality control
  • Client approval
  • Feedback and revisions**

*Only .jpg, .gif (infographics and gifographics), .pdf’s (free guides), and .mov’s are sent. Source files are an additional charge.
**Based on number of project revisions.

Speak to content specialist to find out more about our creative content services.