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Content Development Case Study #2

Getting a Page to Rank in Google Top 10 Results

Google Search Results

In this content development case study, we explore how we targeted a specific page on our website to get a top 10 ranking in Google’s search results. Getting a top 10 ranking can be fairly difficult.  But if you understand how the search engines work, then you understand that it’s very easy to target a specific keyword, create great content around that keyword, publicize the content to promote links to the content, and end up with a page that ranks very well for the given keyword.  The emphasis here is creating strong, unique content that matches what the searcher is looking for.


Google top 10 rankingConcept:

The goal was to rank in the top 10 for the search term ‘SEO videos’ and various other long-tail keywords and increase website traffic.  This keyword was selected based on the relevance of the topic to both our business and the page we were creating.  This keyword also showed significant search volume based on the keyword research we performed.

1259 Visitors from Video PromotionPromotion:

  • Create quality SEO videos on a variety of topics
  • Link to other quality SEO videos
  • Perform onsite SEO to the page – title tag, headings, keywords
  • Create custom links to the SEO videos page by notifying related websites about the content


Our SEO Videos page currently ranks in the Google top 10 for the keyword ‘SEO videos,’ as well as other related long-tail keywords and has generated 1,259 unique visitors to our website to date.

SEO Videos Page


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