Contest Creates Backlinks

Content Development Case Study #1

Contest Creates Backlinks

This content development case study demonstrates how running a contest can help increase backlinks and visitors to your website.

Contest Visitors


Develop and promote a contest that attracts backlinks and visitors while building a list of potential clients.The contest consisted of a $5000 giveaway of link building services. It was promoted in a variety of ways to increase the visibility of the page as well as the number of entrants into the contest.


contest links


  • Blog post on our own website
  • Digg, Sphinn by various readers
  • Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Press releases




This contest created 819 total backlinks, 38 backlinks from unique URLs and 1,380 unique visitors. The page itself was almost immediately given a Pagerank of 3 (PR 3).  



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