Digital Marketing Coaching

Happy Coaching Clients

“For 2+ years, our Vertical Measures coach has worked closely with us to design and implement our content marketing vision. Our coach is an essential business partner in our marketing strategy, actively monitoring our effectiveness and keeping us on schedule with online tactics. VM has provided critical subject matter guidance and expertise.”

– Joe Bockerstette, Partner, Business Enterprise Mapping

“VM’s Coaching program exceeded my expectations. The team taught me everything I needed to know to run a successful content marketing initiative, including how to qualify and research content, and write and edit with SEO in mind. In just one year, we went from having a flat website to one that generates leads on a weekly basis. We are very happy with our decision to partner with VM.”

– Bethany Cramer, Marketing Director, Zipline Logistics

“Our Coaching engagement with Vertical Measures has been a positive experience from Day 1. From the level of attention we receive to the thoughtful recommendations our coach provides, VM has truly become an extension of our internal marketing team. Our partnership has produced results in terms of traffic and leads.”

– Evan Klein, President, Satrix Solutions

Elements of our Coaching Program

Coaching Meetings

Your personal Coach will meet with you weekly to teach you about online digital marketing strategies, discuss your website, make tailored recommendations, and plan your upcoming tactics.

In-Person Workshops

Every Coaching relationship starts with a half-day, hands-on workshop for your entire team. Attendees will gain knowledge about digital marketing, and learn how they can contribute.

 On-Demand Training Classes

Your team can learn about all aspects of digital and content marketing, directly from our subject matter experts. These on-demand videos are available exclusively to Coaching clients.

Online Marketing Consultants Help you Drive Your Own Success

By investing in our digital marketing coach program, you set up your business for long-term success because:

  • The entire program is customized to your team’s needs and your business goals.
  • A dedicated coach will help you overcome common digital marketing obstacles.
  • Your team creates habits and builds confidence so you can ultimately maintain your own successful program.


Our Personalized, Proven Approach

Just like a personal trainer, your online marketing coach will help you reach your goals by:

  • Teaching you and your team best practices
  • Keeping you motivated and encouraged
  • Holding you accountable, every week

Your coach will work with you to develop a customized content marketing plan — a “workout routine” — that you and your team can follow to meet your business objectives.

Want to learn more about our digital coaching and mentorship program?