14 Sep 2010

What Are Your Top Results in Google Instant?

Guest Post By: Rex Liu, Intern Vertical Measures

google-instant-stats2Google released their latest innovation, Google Instant, yesterday in the hopes of improving the wheel we call a “search engine”.  Google believes that they can save about 2-5 seconds per search for everyday users, which amounts to about 11 hours every second.  This seems like skewed data that is likely based on slow typers.  However, this doesn’t change the fact that this is a pretty sweet innovation Google has come up with.

Here are the Google figures on their Google Instant page.

GoogleInstantResultsWhen you use Google Instant you will notice that the pages update in real time to display results for the top completion of what you have typed, which means that you will be seeing, and maybe visiting, websites much faster than before and likely without using the search function of the page.  You’ll also notice that the search results will be local and personalized, which means that all of your search history and any local search data will be used to propagate the results.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to get Instant to not use my personal data or IP to determine my local results.  These are the results that I came up with when I did my Instant searches using every letter in the alphabet by itself.

Ultimately Google Instant will not change the results displayed in search, but it will change the way users utilize search.  It’s too early to predict how it will change the way users use search engines and how significant the impact will be on SEO.

Your results will likely be different than mine based on your location and your past search history.  How do you feel about Google Instant and what are your results?  And what sort of impacts do you predict Google Instant will have on SEO?