10 Jul 2009

Upcoming Events for Vertical Measures

July is busy month here at Vertical Measures. As you might already know, Vertical Measures is a founding member of AZIMA, the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association. Arnie is also the President, and Elise is the Administrator on the AZIMA board. Over the past three months, each of the board members have been working diligently to get AZIMA up and running, and preparing for upcoming events. 

azimaThe inaugural meeting of AZIMA will be held this Tuesday, July 14th, at Tempe Mission Palms in Tempe, AZ. Guest speaker, Chris Murch of wsRadio.com, will be sharing his valuable knowledge about marketing via internet radio, as well as through podcasts. Guests will be provided food and drinks, as well as an opportunity to network with other marketing professionals. Tickets for this event are $30, and can be purchased here.
Upcoming AZIMA events include an online learning session on July 21st, "Top Tips for Improving Poor Performing Paid Search Campaigns", a social event on August 11th, "How to Effectively Engage Others on Social Networks", and another online learning session scheduled for August 18th, "Advanced Keyword Research and Management Strategies, Tactics and Tools for PPC and SEO". Marketing professionals are encouraged to join AZIMA, and will receive discounts to social and free online education events. 
Another exciting event we’re preparing for is the AspDotNetStoreFront 2009 Developers Conference held in Las Vegas, from July 13th – July 16th. Arnie will be speaking at this event, which AspDotNetStoreFront clients are encouraged to attend. This event will provide in-depth comprehensive training for webmasters, showing you how to maximize your ROI on AspDotNetStorefront e-commerce platforms. Arnie’s presentation, "Advanced SEO Techniques", addresses link building, on site SEO, and more.
What events are you attending this summer? Mashable and Search Marketing Standard have event pages that offer information on some pretty great events. Not only do these events provide you with information from some of the best minds in the industry, but they also give you the opportunity to get out and network.