26 Feb 2010

Top 24 Things I Learned at Online Marketing Summit 2010



It’s been a long time since I have actually written an entire post for our blog, however I am inspired from the recent Online Marketing Summit (OMS10) put on by Aaron Kahlow and his awesome crew. I spoke on the "Why Your Online Strategy always starts with Content" panel and one of my pieces of advice was to commit to your blog. So call it eating your own dog food if you like, but I am long overdue for authoring my own post.
I am not going to be able to give specific credit to the appropriate parties below (see #1), so I apologize right upfront for that shortcoming. If any of you reading this know who deserves credit for items listed below, please feel free to inform us all in the comments. It should also be noted that my schedule only allowed me to be there for Tuesday and most of Wednesday, so these observations do not include the preconference training or the SES Forum on Thursday.
1).  I learned that speakers should have name cards in front of them (and even twitter IDs) to easily identify the speakers and panelists so that everyone tweeting and documenting the presentations can give credit where credit is due. I am also the president of the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA) and will make a note of that for our future events.
2).  I learned that if you want to ramp up conversion optimization you should check out WhichTestWon.com from Anne Holland.
3).  I learned from Anne that you’re guaranteed to increase your conversion rate if your landing pages include the logo or recognition from the site that sent the visitor there. For example "Welcome, ABC Website readers". 
4).  I learned that Keyword choices are critical for breaking news. Pay attention journalists!
5).  I learned from Michael Stelzner (founder of SocialMediaExaminer.com) that you can add a Retweet button inside of a PDF file.
6).  I learned from Lawrence Coburn (founder of, RateitAll) that simple steps like adding a like or dislike button to your blog comments or other UGC can greatly improve engagement.
7).  I learned that the RateItAll dog that I met at their offices 10 years ago is no longer with us. :(
8).  I learned that Steve Ennen (Director, Wharton Interactive Media Initiative) and Eric Bradlow (Vice-Dean and Director, Wharton Doctoral Programs) have incredible skills and resources as they presented some of the best data regarding interactive marketing I have ever seen. For example: Companies’ stock prices are correlated with negative online chatter.
9).  I learned that it is a fact that popularity and activity of your social media has been proven to correlate to more sales.
10). I learned that only 2% of businesses (from upcoming OMS survey) feel they are experts at social media. And that Rebecca Lieb tells us all that it’s okay, we shouldn’t feel pressured to be experts yet as this is all brand new stuff.
11). I learned that if you have built a cool Facebook page, have a 1000+ Twitter followers and have an awesome LinkedIn profile, that does not qualify you to be a Social Media Expert. (I actually knew that.)
12). I learned that many leaders in our field feel the same way I do: the amount of change in the online space is daunting for both brands and agencies.
13). I learned that the social experts all agree: "hire excellent headline writers" especially when you are working with 140 characters.
14). I learned about Chartbeat for real time website analytics and uptime monitoring.
15). I learned from Ravit Lichtenberg (Founder and Chief Strategist, Ustrategy Consulting) that companies should have: 1) Vision driven strategy. 2) Campaign driven implementation plan. 3) Own your content. 4) Leverage the right resources the right way 5) Build alignment process across the organization 6) Evolve and adapt 7) Pay attention to women.
16). I learned that Tim Ash has an awesome haircut. Oh and he recommends these tools for conversion optimization: crazyegg.com, clicktale, usertesting.com, crossbrowsertesting,and attentionwizard.com.
17). I learned that Scotland is not a Scandinavian country. Thanks for clearing that up for me Rand :-)
18). I learned that "Marketers must understand that we no longer control conversations. The consumer does." from Joel Book from ExactTarget.
19). I learned that you need to create content to attract and retain customers… Without a Content Marketing Strategy nothing else works (okay I actually said this one).
20). I learned that marketers should be focusing on their customers’ pain points, not their own capabilities/services.
21). I learned that when you send a new subscriber the "thank you" email, that email will have the highest open rate of anything you ever send them, so make the most of it!
22). I learned that the Obama campaign raised over $10 million in less than 24 hours by capitalizing on an emotional moment with their constituency.
23). I learned that Brian Ellefritz doesn’t seem to age. It had been almost 20 years since we had last seen each other (yes 20 years!) and wish we had more time to catch up. He also had one of the funniest lines of the day: "Global is ALL 50 states not just the lower 48."
24). I learned one big link building secret that I will never divulge publically, this one is for our clients only. (Thanks LC)
Again, if any of you know who should deserve the credit for some of the statements above, please let us know below. And if you have any additional “things you learned” at OMS10 we’d love to hear those too. Looking forward to being a part of OMS 2011. 

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  • Michael Stelzner Feb 27, 2010

    Hey Arnie,

    For your readers, here is the link to adding a retweet button in a PDF file:



  • Mark Bossert Feb 28, 2010

    Hey Arnie,

    I saw this article in my Reader feed about Local SEO and I’m very appreciative – great stuff and really helpful information that will benefit our clients. Thanks for taking the time to put your learnings on your blog.

  • Larry Bruce Feb 28, 2010

    Good post Arnie,

    Any chance I could get you to email me that link building secret lbruce67@hotmail.com



  • arniek Mar 01, 2010

    Hi Larry,
    We will be putting together a test and some info on this new “link building secret” over the next week or so. Once we have that in hand, I will try to get something to you… but you’ll have to become a client :-) BTW – had a very good friend who worked for R&R for a few years recently.


  • arniek Mar 01, 2010

    Hey Michael – – good to hear from you! thanks for the link!

  • Double Vee Mar 02, 2010

    Hi Arnie.

    As usual great article and a big thanks for sharing this. I really learned a few tips and I do appreciate your contribution. Of course my curiosity pops up when I read item 24, not sure if as a girl I could be luckier than Larry? :-)

  • Tim Ash Mar 02, 2010

    Thanks for the nice write-up. I try please with my haircut choices (and help the planet by being more aerodynamic when I stick my head out of moving car windows). There are a number of great tools for diagnosing and fixing conversion problems. People who are not doing conversion improvement are running out of excuses…

    Check out the upcoming http://ConversionConference.com that I am chairing in May in San Jose for a lot of other great resources.

  • Larry Bruce Mar 02, 2010

    Great Arnie thanks, I will be looking forward to that. I am finding there are a lot of former R&R employees :)

    Thanks again for the great post, I picked up a few things I missed. Looking forward to hearing from you on the link builder.


  • Anne Holland Mar 03, 2010

    Wow – thanks for making me two of your top 3 items! I’d like to say as well that yes, Tim Ash does have a great haircut, but it can be tough to find him in a crowd of similarly inspired seth-godin-style scalps. And, yes Rebecca Lieb is completely right, nobody can expect to be a total expect in social media – it’s changing too quickly and there’s too much going on. Do your best according to where in the social media spectrum your target market is, and relax about the rest of it. Most target markets are only using a few social media platforms much… it’s finding out which they use and care about that matters.

  • arniek Mar 03, 2010

    Hi Anne – thanks for dropping by. I thought you delivered one of the best sessions at OMS, so top billing it is! And… I always thought Seth was copying me. Well maybe he did decide to remove it all first.

  • David Lawyer Mar 08, 2010

    Amiek – This is great stuff. Marketing get together’s like this are so valuable and at the same time very difficult to get to – both travel wise and expense. You don’t have to share and yet you did. Kudos to you and thank you. Many of these jumped right off the page and into my bag of tricks! Thanks!

  • Rowan Jan 17, 2011

    Thanks for the great marketing information. Really valuable points that i can use for my website.