05 Sep 2007

Select A Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research is the cornerstone of your SEO plan.  Many website owners dream up an idea for a site, build it, and never truly consider the proper usage of keywords.  It’s critical, as that is how you are found by the search engines and the searchers themselves.

People often start searching with broad results in mind. However as they get closer to making a decision, they narrow the results by adding more keyword to their search.  The “long tail” in search can be anything from three words to as many as ten.  It is very important to create content that shows up when your potential customer enters that longer keyword phrase in the box.  This means that you most likely will need a detailed keyword analysis to find out what your customers are really searching for with their keywords.

There are a few fee-based tools you can take a look at: Keyword Discovery, Keyword Country, Keyword Elite and Wordtracker.  However, one of our favorites is actually free.  Take a look at SEO Book’s free keyword tool.  One last recommendation is IBP4 from Axandra, which is primarily an SEO tool but also includes a keyword research feature.  We will be recommending IBP4 in the coming days, so you might consider purchasing it now.

Today’s Task: Choose a keyword research tool or two for you to use and get it!  Tomorrow we will begin the actual research.

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