22 Sep 2008

What’s the Next Google Smackdown?

We all know it is coming.  We all wait with great anticipation.  We all hope it doesn’t hit someone we know.

And we can all guess at who it is going to nail (or benefit), what changed in the algorithms, where it is happening first, when it will occur and why Google is making the changes.

Is it the 30, 90 & 950 penalties?  Something similar to last October?  Or will it be more PageRank carnage?

What’s the next Google Smackdown going to be?  When will it happen?  Any educated guesses out there?  Let’s hear from you!!


  • Professional SEO Consultant Sep 22, 2008

    Uh oh, do I smell link bait? LOL
    Why should there be any new penalty about to happen? Is there something you know that we don’t? Now I am freaked out, just kidding.

    Seriously though, Google has been updating so frequently now and pushing various universal search results into SERPs in what appears to be random fashion. Some people prefer this to the old updates that were 3-4 times per year. Are you noticing alot of fluctuations in the SERPs?

  • Vertical Measures Sep 22, 2008

    Don’t know anything :-) It’s just that time of year when Google seem to shake things up in a bigger way than normal.

  • Chris Lang Sep 22, 2008

    Arnie, you know what I think it will be.

    So many have been playing the social bookmarking roulette game and getting better rankings while spamming social sites like Digg.

    I predict this years pre-Christmas Google slapdown will be social bookmarking spam based and it could go a number of ways.

    #1 All blackhat submissions and software based spam could get you dropped from the index. Both the social profiles used and the sites your linked to thru your posts.

    #2 Google could just decide to wipe out social bookmarking as a positive indicator and leave a whole generation of bloggers wondering what to do without Digg to create their incoming links. Just simply deciding not to pass on any link juice from social sites would do it.

    #3 Or their is a whole different scenario which I am testing right now and waiting to see what happens. This is an extremely complicated scenario and has taxed my brain to the point of having to leave it alone for now.

    Whatever happens there are some strange things going on in Google results right now and Google is rolling out their own social bookmarking and networking application any day starting with Friend Connect on Blogger.

    Just that alone tells me there are going to be some changes soon.

  • Sophia Sep 23, 2008

    I think the time will tell once cant just sit and predict. The post and comments are great; had fun reading them. :)

  • James Spinosa Sep 29, 2008

    I think the next generation of Google smackdown will come with the promotion of their new browser Chrome, simply due to the fact that the browser strips out affiliate cookies making it impossible for affiliate marketers to turn a profit.