09 Nov 2011

Internet Marketing Resources to be Thankful For

Internet Marketing Resources to be Thankful For

For those just getting started in the internet marketing arena, it can be a daunting task to keep up with the deluge of information that is put out there on a daily basis. There are numerous blogs, videos and webinars with great information that is not to be missed. Hiding your head in the sand isn’t an option if you’re going to stay ahead of the game and stay at the top of the SERPs. But how do you sort through all of it?

First of all there are nifty recaps that are compiled everyday that highlight informational posts from around the web. Here are several to get you started:


Search Engine Land: SearchCap

Be sure to subscribe to the SearchCap which is put together by Search Engine Land. These daily recaps start out with a listing of posts from Search Engine Land itself. Then, by category (business issues, local, mobile, link building, paid search, search, SEO and SEM, social media, video are some examples), it provides posts from all over the web. Lastly the recap finishes up with articles that have become “Hot” or popular on Sphinn (we’ll touch on this later.) So with this daily list you get a little bit of everything from everybody.


Search Engine Round Table: Daily Search Forum Recap

The Daily Search Forum Recap features the latest from the search forums, as reported by Search Engine Roundtable. It also provides other helpful forum threads from around the web. Again, you’ll get a nice comprehensive view of what happened in the world of internet marketing on a daily basis.


Search Engine Watch Daily

Another daily listing, this time it consists of all the posts from Search Engine Watch along with news from around the web. Upcoming webinars are listed at the bottom of the post. If daily is too much, there is an SEW Weekly option as well.


If basic, no nonsense, internet marketing information is what you’re looking for; a subscription to the HubSpot Blog would be a good idea. HubSpot posts multiple times throughout the day and the posts are usually short and to the point. Most of the time consisting of lists, these posts are great for the novice who is eager to increase their inbound internet marketing knowledge.

To get a good grasp of search engine optimization, SEOmoz is an excellent resource. First there is The Daily SEO Blog featuring posts from the SEOmoz staff and experts from around the web. Then The Youmoz Blog has posts submitted by users. Every Friday SEOmoz presents “Whiteboard Friday” which consists of an instructional video on a relevant and usually hot topic.

Google has blogs that shouldn’t be missed. First is the Google Webmaster Central Blog providing information on how to keep your site functioning at its best to keep those Googlebots coming back so your site ranks well in the SERPs. Then the Google Analytics Blog provides updates on their analytics program along with helpful information on using the data.

Sphinn is a great site for articles on search and online marketing. The site encourages comments and discussions about the articles and posts.

Of course, keep coming back here to the Vertical Measures Blog for industry news, internet marketing expert interviews, link building tips, and much more.

Grab a big mug of coffee and pull up a seat. With these resources at hand you can “stay in the know” on internet marketing and search engine optimization.

What are some of your favorite go-to sources for internet marketing industry news?


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  • Barry Schwartz Nov 09, 2011

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  • Nick Stamoulis Nov 15, 2011

    All great resources. I also like to go straight to the source and check the official Google and Bing search blogs.