24 Jun 2014

How to Keep Up with the SEO Industry

How to Keep Up with the SEO Industry

What were you doing on April 24th, 2012? If you happened to be on social media you might have heard about the Google Penguin Update that came out on that very day, effectively changing the relationship between search and websites forever. If you were the webmaster of a site at that time. you might have seen a drop in traffic and wondered why. If you think you don’t have time to stay up to date, imagine how much time and money you stand to lose when the next update potentially wipes your site off of ranking on page one for those spammy title tags you’ve been blindly still using.

What to do:

Use Evernote or Google docs to keep track of things to help you educate your team or use as a resource later on. Make sure to include source URLs so you can go back and check for updates on that post or pass on to a coworker.

How to do it:

1. Create an RSS Feed or use a feed reader such as Feedly and make it totally customized to the resources you like

  • You can subscribe to only certain categories or tags that are relevant to you
  • Skim the headlines for something that sticks out, you don’t have to read through every single post. If you don’t read it, it will stay in the reader queue until you mark it as read or delete it
  • Have a good mix of those sources who write a few times a day on breaking news, such as Search Engine Round Table, and those who write a few times a month but have more in depth posts, such as SEO Theory
  • Add other good SEO blog and article feeds from sites like Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, and we have to mention adding the Vertical Measures blog for more updates from us

2. Subscribe to thought leaders on Google Plus or find a community that is tailored to your needs

  • Create a circle that only has SEO experts in it
    – Try anyone on this list if you’re not sure where to start
  • It’s okay to simply lurk in communities, but it’s always better to fully engage
    -This can help you to get your name out there, and make valuable connections while you learn
  • Here’s a great basic SEO community to start with: https://plus.google.com/communities/118187458307483805923
  • Follow influencers like these 4 SEOs below to stay ahead of the curve
Matt CuttsMatt Cutts, Google Matt McgeeMatt McGee, Marketing Land Ross HudgensRoss Hudgens, Siege Media Rand FishkinRand Fishkin, Moz

3. Follow an SEO Twitter list or make your own

  • If your Twitter feed consists of all sorts of people and ideas, make a list to separate out the SEO people from friends, family, and other interest-based groups
  • Twitter lists are easy to skim, helping you to recognize relationships in the industry, since chatter is common and informal
  • You will start to recognize faces of those people that speak out the most and understand who is an influencer
  • One existing Twitter List that has some great discussions on it was already curated by AJ Ghergic

4. Check up on Inbound.org or the r/bigseo Reddit every so often

  • The site hosts smaller discussions which can be more intimate and never reach blog post level
  • Oftentimes, high level people will be around to answer questions and join discussions

Reddit SEO

A lot of this will result in redundant information due to the fact that people often cross post between social networks, so choose one or two and keep up to date with them every day, or set aside a few hours once a week to digest what’s going on. It’s vital for your website and your company for you to not only know what is happening and changing but also to understand just how it applies to you directly. You can’t future-proof your site, but when it comes to understanding fluctuations in your traffic and impressions, these tips can help you avoid a total meltdown.



  • Jeremiah Jun 24, 2014

    All awesome channels! I’m particular to G+, Evernote and occasionally Reddit too.

  • Matt Fielding Jun 24, 2014

    Hi Brynna,

    Being organised by using services like Feedly while using Twitter lists to make sure the content you see is relevant is a great approach.

    One service that works really well for me is Pocket: http://getpocket.com/

    I’m sure you’ll have heard of it but I couldn’t live without it – I receive so much content while I’m busy working on day-to-day tasks that it’s really convenient to be able to click the button on the Chrome extension and read the article later. The only challenge is being disciplined enough to come back and read everything!

  • Don Purdum Jun 26, 2014

    Hi Bryanna! I’m a new visitor from Kingged.

    These are excellent tips. I also follow blogs like Search Engine Land, MOZ, and Mashable. I really like that you mention following thought leaders. I didn’t think of Twitter lists… that’s a great recommendation.

    I try to read up on something every day to get a new tip, idea, or resource.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Don Purdum