12 Jun 2013

How To Get Out Of A Google Penalty [VIDEO]

Q & A Video

With the many updates Google has released recently and in the past couple of years, there are a lot of webmasters who have been hit with Manual Penalties. In this video, Ben Holland explains the six steps you need to take to alleviate your site from this penalty.


Hi. I’m Ben Holland, and I’m going to talk about a question we get a lot around here – how to get out of a Google penalty.

This is a six step process. The first thing you want to do is to go log into your Google Webmaster Tools account and pull all of the links that they have pointing to your site. Once you’ve done that, you want to run
this list of links through a tool. We like the Cemper Link Detox tool. This is going to identify good, bad, and suspicious links.

We take that list from the tool and we reach out to the webmasters of the bad and suspicious sites three times, documenting each outreach, the date, and then the message we send to them. This should get about 5% to maybe 25% of your links removed if you’re lucky.

Then you take that list that did not get removed and then you put it into your Google Disavow Tool. This will remove all of the links pointing to your site that are suspicious or toxic that weren’t removed manually. Once you do that, you’ll want to give it a day or two and then submit a reconsideration request to Google using the information in your disavow and in your documentation for each request. Once you do that, it should take between two weeks and a month for them to respond to you whether a penalty has been removed or further action is needed.

I’m Ben Holland. Thank you for watching.


  • Matt Fielding Jun 13, 2013

    Hi Ben, this is a pretty simplistic approach to the process. If only it were so easy…

    Have you had success with this? We’ve had cases where we’ve disavowed & submitted reconsideration requests 5 or 6 times and had the same automated response.

    Isn’t it true that Google just doesn’t want to know that you hardly heard back from any sites, and you can’t just disavow the remaining links and hope to get your penalty lifted?

  • Ben Holland Jun 13, 2013

    Hello Matt,

    We have had luck using this strategy for clients. We have found that Google wants to see genuine effort made to have the links removed from the web with the understanding that it is not always possible. In the cases where it is not possible to have the link removed the disavow should be used. Sending the documentation of out reach is essential to show that you have put in the effort to remove the links.

    This video goes into detail about the disavow tool