Why Hiring An SEO Agency Is The Best Move For Your Enterprise In 2019

Presented by Seth Nickerson

Is Your SEO Ready For What’s To Come In 2019?

While you’ve been busy running your organization, Search Engine Optimization continues to change.

But trying to keep pace with this ever-evolving industry is nearly impossible when you rely solely on an in-house person or marketing team.

Join Seth as he explores the best reasons why developing a partnership with a well-qualified agency is the best approach toward growing your organic channel in 2019.

In this SEO webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Why more brands are moving toward in-house SEO and why that is a mistake
  • In a perfect world, what people should be on your in-house marketing team
  • More than dollars and sense: What you really get when you do SEO in-house vs. hiring an outside agent
  • Why an agency can help you measure results better than your in-house team
  • How to future-proof your internal digital marketing team

About the Author

Seth Nickerson cut his digital marketing teeth when the Internet still had training wheels (Mosaic, anyone?) He was sitting in a TV station newsroom in Portland, Oregon when his SEO career began with a simple question: “How did we get this traffic to the website, and how can we get more of it?” Fast-forward to today; Seth remains a consummate student of search and has developed successful SEO strategies for many well-known global brands.

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