The Great Website Migration: Why You Should Bring An SEO As Your Guide

Presented by David Manng

Are you ready to start your site migration?

Everyone wants a new fancy website and there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong is not keeping SEO in mind and losing everything you’ve built. Website migrations are tricky because you’re reconstructing how search engines see your site. Like everything else with SEO, you’ll need to guide the search engines as you transition to your new website.

As your SEO guide, I’ll take you through the best practices and include examples from our own website migration for Vertical Measures. In addition, you’ll:

  • Learn about the opportunities to make your new website SEO friendly
  • Learn about best practices for website migrations
  • Learn how to prepare for your migration
  • Find out what to expect during migration day
  • Know what you need to monitor in post-migration

About David

While growing up, David thought search engines were just things that drove you around the internet. He didn’t realize there was an entire world behind the search bar or that someday he would be a part of it.

Today, David is driven to learn everything he can about search engines and what makes them go. He enjoys getting into the data and creating strategies to grow client websites. He has worked in different areas of digital marketing, but SEO is his passion. He is always ready to have a conversation about the latest algorithm updates or Google doodle.

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