Top 10 Facebook & Twitter Content Promotion Hacks of All Time

A freak accident in deep space has rendered our target market stranded on Mars! To acquire this customer we will need to push our content promotion tactics further than ever before, quickly!

Presented by Larry Kim, Founder and CTO of Wordstream

In this webinar, aspiring content marketing astronauts will learn unusual tips, strategies and processes for getting 10-100x more value from paid ad campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, including how to drive exponentially more traffic to your content and convert 3-5x more of those clicks into leads and sales – all for less than $50 per campaign.

Join Larry Kim and and take away:

  • Critical insights into how paid social media algorithms really work
  • ALL-NEW ridiculously powerful conversion strategies
  • How to get your content to the top of Digg, Hacker News, & LinkedIn Pulse
Facebook and Twitter Hacks

Recording and Slides

Larry Kim

About the Presenter

Larry Kim founded WordStream in 2007. He bootstrapped the company by providing internet consulting services while funding/managing a team of engineers and marketers to develop and sell software for search engine marketing automation. Today he serves as company CTO and is a contributor to both the product team and marketing teams. Larry practices photography in his spare time. You can connect with Larry on TwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn.

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