The ABCs of Persuasive Copy

Presented by Nancy Harhut (@nharhut)

Are you ready to write more persuasive and effective copy?

In marketing, as in Scrabble, some words are worth more than others. They’re the words with the power to convince and convert — the ones that drive marketers’ success in subject lines, emails and landing pages. And with mobile readership increasingly shrinking the physical space in those areas, a single word can make a sizable difference.

Nancy goes through 26 persuasive words and copy constructs that you can easily use tomorrow, such as:

  • The compliance trigger of the word “Because
  • The power of personalization
  • Why questions can create engagement
  • How to avoid industry jargon

About the Presenter

Nancy Harhut is passionate about the impact of behavioral science on marketing and has directed integrated campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands.

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