The SEO Justice League: 5 Pillars Worthy of a Great Search Strategy

Presented by Grant Simmons

Unite the Search Engine Optimization League.

SEO has evolved to be more than just keywords (in fact keywords themselves have been trumped in favor of ‘topics’), and so the SEO practitioner must morph into more than just a simple analyst, building a skillset that seems almost superhuman at times.

But fear not!

In this webinar we’ll learn the skill pillars necessary to support a superhero-sized search strategy, one that will stand up against the ‘We’re not evil’ Google (…riiiight), with the tools, tactics & techniques to save the (SEO) world.

For those less familiar with the denizens of the Justice League, may I introduce the following;

Batman: The mastermind behind the Justice League and a man who defeats evil with his toolkit and smarts.

The Flash: A faster than fast metahuman who saves the day with the Speed Force.

Aquaman: A super strong Atlantian, who can talk to fishes and humans alike, battling foes undersea & on land.

Cyborg: A technical marvel, half-human, half-machine, able to tap into systems and manipulate technology to his will.

Wonder Woman: An Amazon Queen with magic, strength and longevity on her side.

Grant will also explain:

  • The right tools to have in your toolbelt for auditing, monitoring, and measuring.
  • Why speed is more than a need!
  • Three technical errors that might be killing your site.
  • What type of content can you use to boost your site traffic
  • Two things you should do today to align with Google’s goals

Together the Justice League are unstoppable, and with the right team and skills your search strategy can be too!


About the Author

Grant Simmons leads the Search Marketing team at, helping drive traffic and brand visibility to one of the US’s top real estate sites. Grant has over 24 years of agency & brand experience serving industry-leading organizations such as; Paramount Studios, Red Bull, M&M/Mars, Disney, Napster, Warner Bros., UPS,, YPO, GE, Amgen & Fox Sports.

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