Pitfalls to Avoid in a Post Penguin & Panda World

In this webinar, Mike Huber walked attendees through steps to take in order to recover from the changes in Google’s algorithm with the release of Panda & Penguin earlier this year. After watching, you’ll be equipped to face the changes happening in the SEO world and be better able to react with tangible steps to recover your website’s ranking.

Slides & Recording

Q & A with Mike Huber

Q: “I have removed around 2500+ pages after panda update…now there are around 3000 404 errors. Will it affect my site ranking?

A: If the pages you removed had links and/or good content, then you should set up 301 redirects to your site.  That way, you’d still retain some link juice.  If the pages were duplicate and thin content, then just the 404s are okay.  You’re just telling the search engines the pages don’t exist any longer.

Q:  “Could you elaborate on not linking to ‘resource pages?’ What do you determine ‘resource pages’ to be?”

A: What I meant, by resources pages, are pages that exist solely for link building purposes.  See this page as an example.  You can see this page exists solely for the purpose of providing links.  True resources pages are okay.  For example, a webmaster may be curating a list of colleges known for their great MBA program.  If this is the case, then a link would be okay.

Q:  “Can Mike explain ‘don’t use sidebar and footer links’ in more detail?”

A: Sidebar and footer links typically are ‘site-wide’ links.  This was a strategy that worked but now sends bad signals to the search engines.  This is looked at as an ‘ad’.  In addition, all the anchor text is the same and may be over optimizing a term in your back link portfolio.

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About the Presenter

Mike comes to Vertical Measures with over 20 years experience in marketing and advertising.  Starting out in newspaper advertising, Mike has seen the transformation of print to digital.  For the past 15 years, Mike has been involved in online marketing, developing extensive PPC programs and organic SEO tactics, resulting in a significant growth, traffic, and revenue for his clients.

Mike served as the Sales Manager for azcentral.com when it was in start-up mode and developed sales plans, sponsorship opportunities and innovative marketing plans that doubled revenues. He is also the founder of Arizona Tourism and Group Travel Pros, both companies developed to increase travel to Arizona. He has served in senior management positions at a number of newspapers developing creative and effective advertising campaigns, training programs and leadership development programs.

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