Link Building ROI: How We Grow Businesses by Learning from Failures

Presented by Billy Adams

Are you learning and improving from your link building failures?

Link Development is a practice that remains critical for businesses to rank well in organic search. For brands, understanding the value of a relevant and diverse backlink profile is vital for their website and, in turn, revenue growth.

Billy Adams, Link Development Manager at Vertical Measures, discusses some of the challenges his team has faced first hand, and how they have made improvements to ensure clients are getting the best possible service and highest return on their investment.

Some topics he discussed include:

  • The Vertical Measures philosophy on link development
  • Components of quality link team
  • Tools that our team uses daily
  • Challenges brands face when they hire an agency, or attempt their own link development
  • Reasons why we’ve lost clients in the past
  • Improvements we’ve made to provide a better level of service for our clients
  • Success the Vertical Measures link development team has achieved so far in 2018

About the Author

Billy leads the Link Development team at Vertical Measures. He brings over 5 years of traditional and digital agency experience, representing several Fortune 500 companies throughout his career. In just over a year, Billy has helped improve the link development team’s link production by over 400%. His focus is on strategy and efficiency, as well as staying ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive industry.

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