Life After Launch: Keeping your Website Fast, Discoverable, and Secure

You’ve spent a lot of money making sure that your website represents your company, appears in the search engines, attracts visitor traffic, and communicates your brand’s messages perfectly. Do you have a process in place to make sure it keeps doing that?

Co-Presented by Jim Bader and John Gough

Review this webinar to learn how to extend the viability of your website by several years, and improve its impact over time. You’ll learn:

  • 14 things your site should do from the day it launches to make it an effective, fast, search engine optimized, stable platform
  • How to do periodic reviews that extend your website’s life by up to 50%
  • How 5 minutes of your time can keep your site safe from hacks and crashes
  • Where to spend your time on search engine optimization for the best ROI
  • Ways to shift your thinking to use your website as your digital salesperson
Life After Website Launch Webinar

Slides & Recording

About the Presenter

John Gough

John Gough is the creative director and a principal at Skyhook Interactive, a WordPress design and development agency founded in 2007.

Jim Bader

Jim Bader is the Senior Director of SEO Services at Vertical Measures. He has over 15 years experience in the SEO and Ecommerce worlds.

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