How to Work With Content Creators (& Not Be an Editing Jerk)

Do you spend a lot of time trying to make every element of your content perfect? From stray commas to questionable grammar, word choice and sentence structure, this content marketing webinar with teach you one important thing: how to not be an editing jerk!

Presented by Noelle Schuck, Director of Content Marketing

Review this webinar to learn how to work with your internal or outsourced content creators as we cover:

  • How to get rid of a traditional media mindset
  • Why perfectionism with your content is the enemy of profitability
  • How much content you need to publish to reach a tipping point
  • How to avoid delays in content production
  • Editing tips and tricks from content pros
How to Work with content creators webinar

Recording and Slides


About the Presenter

Noelle Schuck is the Director of Content Marketing at Vertical Measures, and directs all content marketing and content development for our clients. She has a diverse background in writing, editing, SEO, marketing and finance.